Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Closed in Skaneateles! The Third Twenty!

Numbers are fascinating as always. I won't comment on the sales, but I have to comment on something! The time elapsed between the beginning of the year and the first twenty was 120 days. The time between the first and second group (July 15th) was only 76 days. Although it feels as if things have slowed a bit, this next reporting will be a scant 90 days since the last. And there's one in the pot to start the final group.

This time they are arranged by chronological order - the first to close to the most recent.

28 East Street $515,000

1584 Tracy Drive $194,000

10 Highland Street $195,000

1787 Russells Landing $825,000

6821 Glen Haven Road $550,000

111 Jordan Street $250,000

9 Whitegate Drive $415,000

4338 Vinegar Hill Road $153,000

12 Prentiss Drive $665,000

2524 Lake Front Lane $650,000

24 East Austin $267,500

3244 East Lake Road $280,000

52 West Lake Road $650,000

5907 Broadway Road $75,000

38 Onondaga Street $243,000

1889 West Lake Road $209,000

16 Academy Street $370,000

8c Gayle Road $1,990,000

1566 Tracy Drive $228,250

1275 Oak Bluff $1,200,000

This may be the end of reporting the numbers, unfortunately. The multiple listing service is switching to a new system on November 17th. Homes will be divided into village and town, we are instructed to list only in the area in which the house resides, and I am sure there will be other changes that will skew the research. I promise I will try to find a way to complete this year's reporting! So buy houses and close houses before December 31st please! That's 79 days away - let's finish with a bang!