Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday Favorites Link Up ... a day late ;)

Today I am linking up with the beautiful miss Lindsey from The Bargain Blonde for Friday favorites ...

Only mine are a day late because yesterday I left the house at 8:30am and then didn't walk back in the door until 11:30pm last night!!

Soooo here goes :) 

I am OBSESSED with these new shoes that I got yesterday for my Florida trip ... 
How cute are those? And super Comfy! So cute that I also got them for my friend, Kelly, for her bday yesterday too!! They are Dolce Vita .. found at Zappos here. I am dying to wear them with a cute black shirt and shorts and a big floppy black hat ha! 

Speaking of Kelly, last night a few of us girls went out for her birthday dinner!

It was so good to catch up with everyone! I miss you ladies! 

Love you all!! <3

Happy Birthday Kelly!!! XOXO 

My next Friday favorite is the fact that I will be back in Florida next week :) 
With this handsome fella ;) looking at this view ... 

and with these two people ... 
(my brother & his gf)

Enjoying this awesome weather .... 

Can't wait!! 
(Even thought I still have to do errands, and pack, and a million other things before I leave! Ahh!)

Friday Favorites have included this .. 

Welcome To The Fishbowl

If you haven't downloaded Kenny's new album ... do it! 
It's awesome!

Sidenote: If any of your loved ones have ever been affected by Alzheimer's, there is a song on here that will touch your heart! 
"While He Still Knows Who I Am" 
Everytime I hear it I think of my mamaw, it's a great song! 

LOVING this bracelet to add to my million bracelets collection .. 

Eternity Love Bracelet. 
Found on Pinterest HERE
Love it.

My favorite eCards for the day... you can't read these and not laugh outloud .. .not possible ha. 

hahahaha one of my very favorites! so true. 

Story of my life, lol 

Jef from Bachelorette ha, love it. 

And this last one is super appropriate considering I showed houses yesterday in 100 degree weather! 

Hahaha :) 

And this is not an ecard but just for fun .. still my favorite song :) 

Have a good weekend!!! 
Go link up your Friday Favorites with the Bargain Blonde!! 
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Let me start by saying... holy crap it was HOT today! And it is only going to get hotter this weekend!!

Showing houses in 103 degree temps ... not so fun ha ... but I am thankful to be busy so no complaining from me :) I got 3 referrals this week and am so thankful to be blessed with the business I have!

This will be a bit of randomness ... hence the Thursday Randoms title ha.

I just read THIS POST from my girl PinkLouLou ... if you just read over that and didn't click ... please do.
It will touch your heart! 
(If it doesn't, you shouldn't be reading my blog, or hers, because you wouldn't be human ha!) 
No but really, I wanted to link up so we can all spread the word and lift up Juliana in our prayers! 
When I read her comments, I literally was crying and had goosebumps at the same time ... those of us who have good health are so blessed and it's so hard to remember that sometimes when we think we are having a bad day, but if you don't have your health, you have nothing! 
Even if you are no prayer warrior, you can say a quick prayer for her strength and patience, and her family who worries about her, for her son, for her doctors to help heal her and for their knowledge towards her disease, and just for her to have God's peace no matter what is happening with her day to day! She deserves all the prayers we can say for her!!
Thanks PLL for sharing :) XO! 

Visit Juliana's blog here ...  

***While you are lifting Juliana up in your prayers, please also say another for my Aunt Cathy, she had ovarian cancer about a year ago and they got rid of it and she was healthy for almost a year, and now her numbers are high again and she is doing chemo and back to fighting this horrible cancer. She is incredibly strong, hardworking, and such a fighter, but I would still appreciate your prayers for her please!! <3 *** 

Ok switching gears ... I have not done a TV show post in a while so really quickly here are my two cents on all my favorites .. :) Agree or disagree? Leave me your feedback ha!


My fave! Love Emily Maynard! She is adorable.

I mean how pretty is she? 

Love her hair in that pic! 

OK ... so my pick from the very first show has been Arie ... I love him. He is so sweet! 
(And pretty darn cute too!)

Don't you feel like they have the most passionate kisses you have ever seen in your life? 
Or is that just me watching this after reading 50 Shades of Grey? Hahahaha! 

I'm sure he is the winner. 
I refuse to google any spoilers ... so this is totally my gut feeling ha. But every season I am usually right so I feel pretty good about this! I hope she chooses him, I think he would be so sweet to her and Ricky. 

Who is your pick???

Next ... 
Real Housewives of OC  

(PS. I am boycotting New York this season ... they all literally drive me insane, so this is the first time I am not watching! And I am not regretting it so far ha!)

OK ... How does everyone feel about Brooks ??

She seems to be really obsessed with him... but IMO he seems sweet to her ... so who am I to judge? Ha.
BUT if he really is driving her car around and has no job, then he probably needs to step it up a little...

The fact that he did this for all of the world to see really freaked me out ... 

That is scary. Period. There is no excuse for him being on national television with a missing tooth!!

I am glad he got his grill fixed lol but it was a little crazy of Vickie to do all of that on the show and embarrass him... I think she should have had a little more respect for him than that. But oh well. At least he has new teeth now ha. 

Alexis and Jim drove me INSANE this season .... I used to like her, but I think her true colors have come out and now they just drive me crazy ... they both think they are so cute ... and I am just not seeing it ??

What does he have on? ha. can't even handle anything about that. (or his hair!!)

I am so glad Heather came on the show ... I love her and Terry. 

I feel like she is down to earth considering she's probably the most wealthy of all the women. 
I hope she comes back! Loved watching her! 

Gretchen and Slade ... 
Still undecided on them ... I like Gretchen, always have, always will ... but Slade I am not sure about?!?1

When he asked the jeweler about the fake diamond in the engagement ring ... hahaha .. oh lordy, I lost any sort of hope in him that I once had. Poor thing. That is ridiculous. Hopefully he will get it together for her. 

Tamra ... not my favorite, never has been, but this season she really was a little better since she is with Eddie.

She still is on my nerves sometimes, but I thought their engagement was cute and sweet how he did it. 
I think they will be happy together .. they are both kind of the same person I think.
I wonder what Simon thinks about it ??? He scared me!! 

Can't wait for the reunion .. you can bet it will be U-G-L-Y!

Pretty Little Liars

Sooooooooooo glad my show is back on!!!! Ahhh!! Love it!!! 

I am still confused on who "A" is ... but I guess that's the good part about the show! 
Any suspicions?? 
 I am still thinking Jenna has something to do with it all. 
So glad it is back on and my Tuesday's feel back to normal :) lol 

I have so many shows I could go on and on ... it's pathetic I am well aware of that ... but I like it. Don't judge me please :)

Today the kids wanted to go to Build a Bear since it was too hot to go to the pool ... so that is what we did ... and this picture I took is too funny not to share ...  

This is the "close your eyes and make a wish for your bear" part ...

Oh to be a kid again, and really close your eyes, and make a wish and think about it haha
I just thought it was so precious.
Love them. So cute. 

TGIF tomorrow!! 

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Extended Unemployment: Initial, Continued and Extended Unemployment Claims June 28 2012

Today’s jobless claims report showed an decline to both initial and continued unemployment claims while seasonally adjusted initial claims remained below the closely watched 400K level.

Seasonally adjusted “initial” declined to 386,000 claims from last week’s revised 392,000 claims while seasonally adjusted “continued” claims declined by 15,000 resulting in an “insured” unemployment rate of 2.6%.

Since the middle of 2008 though, two federal government sponsored “extended” unemployment benefit programs (the “extended benefits” and “EUC 2008” from recent legislation) have been picking up claimants that have fallen off of the traditional unemployment benefits rolls.

Currently there are some 2.70 million people receiving federal “extended” unemployment benefits.

Taken together with the latest 3.10 million people that are currently counted as receiving traditional continued unemployment benefits, there are 5.80 million people on state and federal unemployment rolls.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Ninjago Party... Say What? ha

Unless you have a small boy in your family who is obsessed with Lego Ninjagos... you will likely have no idea what they are ha and I was the exact same way until a few weeks ago when Jake only talked about Skylanders and Ninjagos!

His 5th Birthday party was this past weekend and it turned out pretty cute, even if it was a theme I had no clue what to do with ... thank goodness for Pinterest and some of my creative juices flowing!!

We rented the big obstacle course inflatable and had a blast with that!
(If you live in Lexington or close by message me the next time you need an inflatable for anything, this is a sweet couple from Winchester who are sooo much cheaper than others and are so great to work with! Love them!)

I got several ideas from Etsy and ordered some digital files and printed at Kinkos for super duper cheap ... these sticky eyes I had printed on label paper, then cut them out and stuck them onto balloons to look like Ninjagos :) We had them all over the house, really cute!

The eyes came from THIS Etsy seller

Then I got these FREE Gatorade graphics from a blogger and had them printed on label paper also and peeled off and stuck on .... I have these on my laptop, message or email me if you ever want them and I will send to you :)

Each of the Ninjagos have a drink :) The kids were obsessed with these!

Lego goody bags :)
(Just gift bags from Target then we cut out the circles from wrapping paper and taped them on. Ella & Ava were such good helpers, they did almost all of these bags! So Sweet!)

We did a "Guess How Many Candy Legos Are in this Bowl?"
and whoever guessed right got all the candy ... everyone had a good time guessing! :)
(Lego Candy was purchased just from the candy store in our mall by the pound, and WARNING they are super addictive! Chris and I ate wayyy too many! They are so good!)

We had lots of snacks and food but two cute ones were the fruit waffle cones and the veggie cups!
Both courtesy of Pinterest :)
We displayed most of the food on the green Lego boards for an extra touch ha ;)

This was my favorite thing we made ... and the kids loved making them with me too!

Ninja Sushi ...

(Rice krispys, Swedish Fish, and Fruit Roll Ups)
So easy and fun to make! They were a HUGE hit with the kids.
Jake couldn't say "sushi" for some reason so he called them "fish shrimp" all night ha! hysterical.

I didn't get a picture of the table after everything was on there, but this one is good enough... :)

We made faux Legos haha ... capri sun empty boxes wrapped in wrapping paper then put the dots on there! 

The cake was totally amazing ... per the usual ... and yummy as always!  

How good were those edible Ninjagos??? They look so good!

Confused Confections is AMAZZZZZING if you live in Lex.

Every single time we get a cake from those ladies I am blown away! They are the absolute best around and that goes for the taste of the cake too!
Visit their website to see some more awesome cakes!
You won't regret using them for your next shindig ha!

Jake and his cake :) So cute!

Before the party the kids decided they wanted to dress like ninjas .. ha ... brace yourself ...

(I had some iron on letters and made them their tank tops lol!)

They literally scared me when I wouldn't see them for a few minutes and then they would creep around the corner HA! It was so funny. But I am happy they got creative with their costumes lol :)

Ok and to end this little party blog, are you familiar with Skylanders for Wii?
After his party, this child literally has got to have every single one they make ha.
It is beyond ridiculous ha I have no clue what these little creatures do or are, all I know is he is obsessed with them and now we have all of them plus their little tower house for them to all "live in"!

We had sucha  fun time but more importantly, Jake and his friends had so much fun!
I love doing these parties because it's kind of a hobby for me ... but I also love doing them for the kids and our families so everyone can have a good time and enjoy :)

Plus who knows ? ... Maybe one day I will decide my life is not already crazy enough and open a party planning business!?!
Hey, as my Papaw says, "the harder you work the longer you live!" :)

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