Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm Back!

My poor little bloggy... I have paid it no attention for one solid week and I have so much to blog about I don't even know where to begin!!! This has been a crazy week! I have been super busy, had no time to blog OR (gasp!) even stalk read my regular blogs that I follow! :( I'm going through MAJA withdrawls!

Tonight I am home, under a blanket, and going to get back into my blogs and a little Pinterest too for that matter lol my life hasn't been the same this week without them!

This will be a bunch of randomness, my apologies, but I have too much to share!
I guess I will start with most recent... to oldest news ha ;)

Navy is the new dark... for your nails that is! Everything I am reading says Navy is "the" Fall Polish Color... so tonight when I went to visit Tee at Red Nails (Lex ladies... Red Nails in Fayette Mall, Tee is my girl, you will LOVE her, she has done my nails for as long as I can remember but she wouldn't let me take her picture to put on my blog haha!I tried!) ... I went crazy and decided to try navy... Russian Navy that it, by OPI...

And IRL (in real life for the new blogger followers!)

And just for fun, here are some of my facebook comments on it
(ignore Jason and my brother... what do guys know about polish anyway? hahaha!) 
Can you read those?? I can't tell if it's too small or not ha. Sorry if you can't... I need to perfect my print screen skills maybe!

Next in my randomness...
One of my favorite things about Fall that I left off of my last blog on accident...

That's right... Creamy Tomato Soup from Panera!!! My favorite. Don't mind it is the worst soup on the entire menu for you, at 330 calories for a bowl (doesn't count the bread either ha, now I'm really screwed) but it is the yummiest and my most fave! Just in moderation :)

On Wednesday Emily and I attended the "Get Motivated" speaking seminar at RUPP... it was pretty good (minus the fact we were in traffic for over an hour trying to get there!)
But I did get to hear two of my favorite speakers...
Coach Cal and Laura Bush!

They were both good! There were some other good ones too... we didn't get to hear everybody but these two were my favorite :)

Also on Wednesday, the kids were begging to get out the Halloween and Fall Decor ... so I trucked it through the attic and spent 4 hours going through it all, seeing what we would use this year.. and then putting it all out! Got me in the spirit for Christmas though, weird I know... but I just wanted to skip Halloween and bring out the Christmas trees!

Notice Frankie, just laying in the middle... don't mind him, he just has to be in the mix so he doesn't miss anything lol

My friend Whitney got MARRIED!! Yayy!! Her and Brian walked down the isle last weekend and I am ashamed I didn't get to share the pics before now.. but here are some from the night...

The wedding was supposed to be outside but due to mother nature, it got moved in the barn at Talon... but was still so beautiful :) Loved these big burlap initial letters that were behind them during the ceremony!

The lighting was no good for my camera where we were sitting but this is still cute :)

Ummmm how cute is that? Something Blue!
Light blue sparkly TOMS! Love them! So Whitney!!

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gilliam :)
Love this pic!
(Whitney changed into a shorter, comfy, dancing dress!)

Kelly (and baby Mack ha), Chrissy, Steph & Me :)
Friend's since 5th grade... awww!

Pretty bridesmaids and their hubby's (kinda Kimmie ha)
Manny, Laura, Kim & Clay
PS. Are those the cutest bridesmaids dresses you have EVER seen? I loved them!

Love these napkins! Adorable!

Steph & I

Chris & I


Kim & Clay ... love this pic... needs to be your alls new profile pic on fbook lol

Largest cupcake tower I've ever seen ... so yummy!

Grooms cake... we still love him, even though he's got the wrong team!!!!!!! jk

Love the twinkling lights in the ceiling!

Whitney you did an amazing job and it was so pretty!! Can't wait to hear all about your honeymoon!
Love you! XO

Just in case anyone is wondering what Frankie is up to these days...

The little spoiled thing just follows me around and sleeps on the bed, and his current obsession is string cheese! He is mildly obsessed (that's my fave snack so clearly he just likes it because I do) and as soon as I open the door to the fridge he is right under me waiting for some ha! Love his heart!
Could he be any cuter? I think not! ;)

Well I still need to Pinterest and do a post of the Celebrity Birthday Party I am in preparation for... and also Chris's birthday is Monday so we will be having some more celebrations to do as well!!

Have a great weekend!!!
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

Keeping in touch with the real estate world on a weekly basis certainly helps me in my business.  Although I go everywhere, almost, knowing what is happening in Skaneateles gives me a lift.  I can quote closings, trends, compare the market to past years, and feel confident that what I say is accurate.  Of course, there are some weeks, such as this one, when not a lot happens and it seems a might difficult to write a blog about it.  But here goes -

There are the same number of homes in the Skaneateles area listed as active as there were last week:  150 for the entire area, and 44 for the village.  The number of waterfront homes dropped by one.

Three new listings came on the market.  A very pretty home with a bit of land around it outside of Skaneateles was listed at about $400,000.  A smaller village home - but around 2,000 sf nonetheless - debuted in the mid-$300,000 range.  A gorgeous lake rights property was presented around $600,000.

There are 6 homes listed as contingent, with one new one added (lake rights also).  Two were marked under contract, do not show.  One of these was a previous "C" and the other went right to "U."  This one had just been listed, too. 

Only three are pended, and the number and homes remain the same.  Nothing new sales-wise, but this Friday is the end of the month and I can guess that there will be action to report, if not next week but the week after.  I know several attorneys whose calendars are swamped.

So go play in this absolutely lovely fall weather - the sun is out, the day feels fresh, and I am on my way to lunch at Creekside with an old friend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!

This is NO secret...
I LOVE Fall!
Love every single thing about it!!
 (With one small exception, that it does mean Winter is right around the corner which borderline makes me depressed!)

However... other than that.... Fall is totally my favorite season!!

And here are a few reasons why... :)
(In no particular order)

Time to burn Fall-Like Candles!!! Yes!
My two favorite Yankees... Autumn Leaves and Harvest... Immediately makes me feel excited to smell these!
I have heard that Bath and Body Works has some amazing ones right now too, guess I will be trying those also! 

I have SUCH an obsession with Mums! And not ordinary, plain ol' mums... BIG HUGE YELLOW MUMS just like this pic! I can't wait to get new ones and put them outside this year! It is of my favorite things to do!

I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch... anyone really.. this is Evan's Orchard in the pics, but just any pumpkin patch will do :) So much fun! It's fun to take the kids... and I love picking out pumpkins and decorations!
This means tailgates, and chili, and cornhole, and tailgating, and some more tailgating! :)
Nothing like an afternoon football game when the sun is shining but you can wear jeans and boots and a cute shirt to the game! (maybe a blanket for the chilly nights)
Refer to my polyvore creation below from previous post, for my fave tailgate outfit for the season... Cup and all

Kentucky Football Tailgating!

Kentucky Football Tailgating! by danagentry featuring circular scarves

Next up...

Starbucks Hot Chocolate!! Yumm!! My fave!!

Fall also means... time to bust out my favorite accessory... scarves!!!
Several people asked where my blue scarf is from that I wear to the UK games... the brand is Love Quotes... it is my absolute favorite scarf I own...I wear it ALL the time... it comes in a million colors! I got mine at Voce Boutique on Clay Ave wear I get my hair did. Got it last year but I know they have some now, and I am itching for more colors... like the teal above, love that one! Also black, grey, tan, ha basically all of them!

Time to also bust out my favorite shoes... UGGS!
Wear them all the time in the Fall/Winter... to work, to appts, to show houses, don't really care if they aren't fancy (sorry potential clients ha) but they are warm and cozy and comfortable, and I love them.
The above pair are the new leather ones they came out with last year... and I am slowly hinting to a certain person who's initials are CJ and lives in the same house as me :) But I am lusting over the above boots major!
Fall TV is absolutely the BEST! Desperate Housewives, Grey's, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters, blah blah! We know my DVR is working full time in the Fall :)
Lastly, we have lots of birthdays in the Fall... Chris, Ella, Ava, Myself, and I know there are more! So we are constantly planning and having parties, which I loooovvvee!
This weekend I will post what I've got going so far for Ella & Ava's Celebrity Style Birthday Party!!
But here is a sneak peak at the invitation...
Brace Yourself... :)
Ordered from this etsy user, Postcard Creations
They were sooo great to work with, she changed the girl's hair color to match theirs in real life for me... and was super quick to respond. These are the cutest invites I've done yet AND they are the cheapest! You buy the image from the etsy user for only $12.95 then you can print them on cardstock or photo paper from your home, office, or go to Kinkos and they will do it there. This etsy user has all kinds of party invitations... SO Cute!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful FALL day :)
I will be working, cleaning house, going to the grocery, getting a spray tan and my nails done, and getting ready for the wedding festivities of my friend Whitney! Can't wait to see how pretty she looks!!!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reality TV Update

I have not blogged about all my crazy shows in forever! So I thought today would be an appropriate day to do this because...

Grey's Starts Tonight!!!
WooHoo!! 2 Hour Premier!!
(this is obvi an old picture but I couldn't find a new one sorry!)

I am so excited to see what this season brings! Already have the DVR set for a series recording! :)

Lately I have gotten in the habit of DVR'ing Dr. Phil and watching when I can't sleep... and today I am so glad I did because his show was about Taylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Dr. Phil interviewed Taylor on the recent suicide of her husband, and boy was it a tear jerker.

I know everyone who is a fan of RHWBH was just as shocked as I was when we found out a few weeks ago that he had hung himself in his bedroom at a friend's house and Taylor actually went there to talk to him and discovered the tragedy. But today after watching the emotional episode, I ended up feeling so sorry for her that she has lived her life in fear. There were things in the interview today that we never knew or saw from watching the reality show. It was so sad. I hope she and her daughter can just find peace and move past this to a happy ending at some point or another. <3
Lastly, what did everyone thing of the finale of Teen Mom??

Here are my thoughts summed up for those of you who watch ;)

1. Amber plays games with Gary... yes it kind of made me laugh when he played the guitar and sang with her on speakerphone, lol (a bit cheesy) BUT he is good to Leah and I think he just wants them to be a family. ;(

2. I think Farrah made a good decision to leave Sophia with her parents while she goes and heals for a while. I was sad watching her drive by all the places she hung out with Sophia's dad :( But she needs to get better for herself first. Her mom will take good care of Soph I think!

3. Kaitlyn & Tyler ... they are just so young. I hate to say it but their families are trashbags and those two have it together more than their own parents! I feel for them.... they are so sweet.

4. Maci ... I always liked Maci, but I feel like she still secretively likes Ryan and won't admit it. I think she freaks out on him going out when Bentley is asleep not because of Bentley but because she is maybe a little wee bit jealous on the inside. Kyle is so sweet and supportive, I hope she doesn't hurt him. Ryan needs to move on and find someone cute to be with who likes kids ha!

That's it friends :) All I got tonight!
Tomorrow I think is the first day of Fall :) Yippee!
So I am doing my favorite things about Fall post ....
Check back tomorrow!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

As I drove up East Lake Road tonight towards the village, I saw many homes that have been on the market for a while that I have shown or know a bit about.  They all seem to be "priced right," but then they haven't sold so I guess, as some say, the market has "rejected" them.  I know they are good homes with great features - so why do they sit?  I am not sure - location?  condition?  fear?  I have to believe people are simply not willing to take on homes that aren't "safe bets."  But then again, what is that?  The eternal question - why some things sell and others don't!

Into the fray this week....There are currently 150 homes in the Skaneateles area that are on the market.  Of these, 44 are in the village and 35 are waterfront.  (Remember the days when there would be only five or six homes out there?  We all had our lists of potential buyers, and when a property came on - or we got wind of it coming on - we would rush to the phones...ah, the good old days!) 

One new one came on in the village and it is a smashing home by all accounts.  Priced well over a million dollars, it has location and condition certainly as well as the ephemeral "penache."  Lovely, just lovely!

Six are currently listed as sold but continue to show - one new one was added to this list, a "town" property actually in Spafford.  There are still the same three under contract, but do not show, and now only three pended - always a good sign because that means some have moved to the sold column.

As indeed they have!  We have 51 single family homes that have closed so far this year as we enter the fall buyong season.  The latest three include a town property close to the village with views, originally priced in the low $300,000.  A small village home also sold, once the price dropped under $200,000.  My lovely 50 West Genesee Street has a new owner too!  Hooray!

Analyzing these three new sales, the good news is that they each came in within 15% of their list price.  Either agents are getting better at pricing, or the owners are more realistic.  Or simply these were the right prices for the current market.  In any case - congratulations to the new owners!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Recap and Some Pinterest too!

 So I am seriously slacking on my Pinteresting Mondays! I might as well change it to Tuesdays, lol
I need to get with the program but Mondays are just crazy busy for me usually!
This weekend was the UK vs. UL game at home and we went to tailgate and then enjoyed the game (until it got freezing cold, I even had a blanket but the college girl who was sitting next to me who didn't get the memo that is was going to be freezing, was wearing a tank top and black dress shorts and high heels... ha I almost had to laugh, but instead, I decided to do unto others and I let her share my blanket ha. Anyway... the game was extremely frustrating, we sucked basically... but at least I got to hang out with Chris and have fun and watch!

Look at this little prego pretty lady I stumbled upon while buying a hot dog :)

How cute is my friend Kelly from Three's Company, check out her blog she has some great give-aways and fun ideas on new products too! Such a cute little preggo girl ha. She is expecting a sweet baby boy in December... who is going to have an even cuter name... Mack Ellis? How cute is that? Love it!
(Sorry the pic is blurry, my boyfriend was trying to be so bad ass and talk smack to a 7ft tall Louisville bball player who walked by at this exact second so I think poor Garrett was in a hurry to snap the pic before we found ourselves in the middle of a brawl ha! Classy I know!)

Yesterday I decided it was time to do a deep clean of my house. Picture an episode of hoarders (not that bad but it felt like it to me) and me going through drawers, cabinets, closets, nightstands, etc ha. It took me 6 hours but afterwards I felt great! The best part... look what I found cleaning out a drawer...

I had out the girls teeth in plastic bags for Chris to save, and when Frankie was a baby I found a couple of his little baby teeth around the house, but his first baby tooth fell out in the bed lol and I had saved it. When I was cleaning out the drawer I found them all folded up together and unwrapped Ella's, then Ava's then Frankie's and was dying laughing by myself... is that a problem that my dog is literally like a child??
I think not... if you think differently, don't tell me! Ha! ;)
Today I worked and then ran in Hobby Lobby for a sec to look for a couple things for the girls birthday party (that is a seperate post to come this week, they have chose a "Celebrity Style Theme" and its a doosy let me tell you what!) but I ended up running into 3 different people I know, so not only was I there for almost 3 hours, but I did score several things... almost ALL were 50% off! Gosh I love Hobby Lobby!!
Just this one picture pretty much sums up my love for this store...
Look at all this new cute Christmas stuff? Dying!!!!
While there, I ran into my friend, Maegan, and finally got to see this soooo sweet little baby in real life...
How cute is he??

This is Maegan and her husband...
I stalk follow her blog along with many others, lol, and always look at his adorable pictures and all of her SUPER cute ideas and parties! She is such a sweet person, such a woman of God! You should right this second go over and take a look at her blog and become a follower!! Waltz With Us .... you will love it, especially if you have a young baby or are expecting. She has some great ideas!

Yesterday I got linked up over at on Brooke's Blog for Oh, How Pinteresting Mondays!
Her blog is super cute and she posted some great Pinterest ideas!

Here are a few of mine... a day late of course... ;)

Dying over this Michael Kors Watch! Love it!

Look at these cute gifts for neighbors, clients, etc. I love them they are adorable! It is Gumballs, in Mason Jars with the lids spray painted red and tagged. And the tag says "Blowing you Wishing this Holiday Season!"
Love these!

For Halloween goodies you could do these...
Homemade Smores Packs...

With Ghost Peeps for the marshmellows! So cute!

People are always asking me good grey and greyish paint colors... I found this and thought it would be nice to share. I have used the Perfect Griege from Sherwin Williams in a model before and liked it a lot!

This is cute for a chic key hanger!

Love this gold smokey eye! So pretty! Maybe I will try it for Whitney's wedding on Friday night :)  
This reminds me of my Mamaw, this was one of her favorite songs. Love it. Wish I had this sign! Gave me chillbumps when I saw it.

 I think I pinned this before... but didnt have the link to the website, and I found it again!
Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili
HERE IS THE LINK for the recipe!
I am going to try it this weekend I think for the game! :) I will let you know how it turns out!!
Anything in the crockpot is usually great!

That's it for today!!
Will do the girls bday party ideas I have this week too and I need yall's help on some more ideas :) 

(PS. I am too tired to proof read and spell check lol so sorry for any mistakes!!)

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