Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back on Track

The colder weather has sent me to the computer and away from the outdoors.  It has been a fantastic and busy summer, but the natural rhythm takes over.  I no longer teach, but I feel the pull to be indoors and working, rather than running around in the car or hanging out with my iPhone on the deck.  I wanted to not miss this summer - and I didn't.  We spent more time at the lake and I have the tan to show it.  It also helps to have had a listing out there, but now that it's sold........

So slowly I will ease back into writing and providing updates.  The bi-weekly update gave me way too much space - I need a solid date or time, and not writing is so much easier than writing.  Also the stretch of time makes it too long between reporting - it is ancient history by the time it hits my blog and that is never a good thing!

Until the end of the year, the update will be weekly and completed by Wednesday - might come in early on Tuesday, but will certainly be there by mid-week, when my ads are due.  A little structure has never hurt me, and will help.  Monitor and adjust!