Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom, Birthday & Teen Mom 2 (random I know)

    Today I am up early ... Thursdays are always SO early because we get up early to get the girls ready for school, so if you ever wonder why on Thursdays I am a zombie that is why lol. I have been having major sleep issues and can't go to sleep before 1am!! I just can not function on 5 hours of least not as a nice person anyway. Yesterday I didn't leave the house, all day! I decided to stay in, clean, do laundry, do some work on the computer, clean out drawers, etc. It felt good to not put make up on or fix my hair for a day I must admit...and to just be able to get things done! I think we all need and deserve those days every once in a while!

Today, a local UK Fraternity that has done wonderful charity work around the city, is being recognized and honored for their hard work with a total makeover for their basement in the frat house... awesome! Even better, my mom was chosen as the Interior Designer ...
Cute little work picture haha

I am going to support her this morning and, lets be honest, because the news and ESPN will be there and filming the whole thing and I can't miss something huge like that lol.... so more to come on this, I will take pics and post them later today or tomorrow for everyone to see! Should be fun!

Do you watch Teen Mom 2??? If so... you will die at what was just released...
While just watching the news, well kind of facebooking and listening to the news on the TV, ha I just saw this... I am almost ashamed that I will be giving it views by posting but still...WARNING it is the trashiest thing you will ever watch and I am sorry for passing this classless act to you lol
(mute my playlist at the bottom first)

OMG are you dying? What a FREAK! I couldn't stand her on the show because I would get goosebumps when her and her even trashier mom would scream and yell at each other in front of Jace (1 yr old) ughh it would drive me crazy! Then she met Kieffer... what a TOTAL loser...and now she is beating up some girl like a true trashbag and letting it be video taped for the whole world to see. Wonder if they will ask her about it next Tuesday night on the after the show finale? Gross. Period the end. Gross.

On a brighter note, today would have been my Mamaw's 84th birthday... it has been almost 2 years since she passed and I miss her bunches! She was so funny and always smiling and just made you feel warm and cozy to be around (except for towards the end, she had Alzheimer's, and sometimes she would say crazy embarrassing things that literally you couldn't help but laugh at but really wanted to crawl under a table lol). I know she is having the best birthday yet today and in such a better place :)

This was one of her last birthdays... maybe 3 or 4 years ago She looks so happy though :)

This is one of my favorites, me mom and mamaw with our sunglasses on haha

So cute :)

She got to meet Frankie!! aww... this was right when we got him so he was a grease pot bc he couldn't get groomed yet lol but he does have on a green Polo you just can't see it ;)

Lastly, I made a facebook fan page for one of my builder accounts yesterday... please "Like" it .... especially if you are a Lexington friend, lol I appreciate your support and need to get some followers... you can click the link below:

Have a great day! PS. I think Greys is new tonight :)
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Bi-Monthly Update

I looked back to last year's blog about this time. It was "Basketball Day" and I wrote in orange...sigh....but like the housing market, SU will come back, too! The spring listings have started, and I must admit I've been among the crowd to bring them on. Currently there are 101 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service (even if they are in another county). Of these, 33 are in the village and 28 are waterfront. Ten - count 'em! - 10 new listings came on this past week. Of course, 3 were re-lists - an over 1M waterfront, an almost $450,000 town house with acreage, and a village home in need of care for the low $200,000s. The others were three waterfront homes ('tis the season) ranging in price from $525,000 to $985,000. Another has lake rights but looks lovely for the mid-$200,000. Going out a bit there's a very pretty newer home with acreage for around $500,000 but you can always stay in the village and enjoy my listing at 50 West Genesee Street for a mere $420,000 (yes, I am advertising it here...) There are no new contingent properties - the old three remain. Of the five marked "U" - under contract, do not show - one is new, a gorgeous village house that had incredible work put into it and listed almost at $700,000 and sold almost immediately. There are buyers out there. So far this year 10 properties have closed, and 3 are new in the past two weeks. One is a lake rights home that had been on the market for a bit, and closed in the lower $400,000, about 12% off its original list price. A poor house that stood vacant for a long time closed under $100,000 while it had been listed about $200,000 to begin. Staging could have helped it immensely. The third was a home in the town that closed around $200,000, about 10% off its list price. Last year we had closed 7 homes by this time. I think our improved number indicates a swing towards the market coming back in Skaneateles. And why not? Our homes are lovely, the lake is beautiful and pure, the village a great place to live as well as vacation. Plus mortgage rates are low - so come on down and see what we have to offer!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When I Grow Up...

I know I have shared this on facebook... I stole it from a friend...but it always makes me laugh and on this nasty "Winter but it is Spring what the heck is going on" day outside... I thought everyone might could use a good laugh too....

In this photo:
This note accompanied this first graders homework assignment on parental occupations
Dear Ms. Davis,

I want to be perfectly clear on my child's homework illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint surrounded by male customers with money. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm.

This drawing is of me selling a shovel.

Mrs. Harrington
And just for fun... in case you haven't alread seen... our KY Wildcats are pretty much famous and all the celebs want to be us ha... even Jay-Z for petes sake! LOVE it!

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a weekend

What a weekend.... Shew!
Here's to the CATS! But first...
On Friday I had the privilege of closing a house with some wonderful first time home buyers!! Congratulations to Michelle Silver & Matt Havlin (stole your pic from fbook ha sorry but thanks!)
They were so great to work with and bought a beautiful house that will be perfect for them! I love working with first time buyers, it is the most fun experience! Please keep me in mind if you know anyone I greatly appreciate referrals!
What a game on Friday night...
I think the entire city of Lexington was up all night watching and then too totally pumped to go to bed! It was intense the entire game I felt like...but at least we pulled it off and no thanks to these guys...

Jorts!!! He was the man! We absolutely could not have done it without him...!! Love Him!
Then tonight's game... Another Win! FINAL FOUR baby woohoo!

If I am lucky, maybe I will be blogging from Houston in a week LOL :)
Since it's Sunday and RHWOC comes on tonight, I felt the need to do a little ditty about them this season because I haven't done so yet. Be pictures could include some soft porn from last weekend's episode HAHA
Ohhh Tamara... how you have shown your true colors....classless!

I am so over her I can't stand it! Ugh. Words can't describe. I used to give her the benefit of the doubt because I did sometimes think Simon was a little bit of a control freak... but now I see why... look at her ha. Gross. Get a room, preferably off TV.
As for Gretchen, I do like her!! Im just not too sure about Slade... what do you all think? I think he may be fame-hungry...but I think he really loves her and she loves him! So whatever makes her happy :)

And for Vickie, I feel sorry for her that her and Don are getting a divorce... I do like them, and I feel like they were doing so good and working it out.
Maybe they will re-unite before next season lol you never know!

This is random but I forgot to share that I went to a charity event last week called Bids for Kids, my great sweet friend Noreen took me and it was so nice and such a good time. There was a silent auction (which I love, they are so fun!) but somehow this was the only thing I ended up coming home with...

A BIG basket of goodies for my baby! Treats (which made his butt throw up all night ha sorry if that was TMI), lots of toys and bones and even a new bottle of cologne! He loved it! (Hence the posing next to it for a quick photo op) <3 his little heart!

At church this morning, Ava said in her class she was asked to draw a picture of herself somewhere she is happy... and she chose the beach...this was her picture...

Look at her bikini hahahahaha is that the funniest thing you have ever seen?! So sweet! I don't know what is funnier, the fact that the bathing suit looks like it is from Vicki's and she has huge boobs (she is 6yrs old) HA or the fact that she did this artistic rendering at CHURCH! LOL too funny. made me laugh.

And lastly but very importantly... I will be putting on a NEW listing tomorrow! Great house for sale for all you Lexington friends... more to come later, but here is a sneak peek ;)

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mortgage Pre-approval

This past week I went back to class for my continuing education credits. The title of the course dealt with Buyer Agency, and since I hadn't taken anything like this is in a while, I thought it would be interesting. It was, very!

We had a wonderful small group of agents and a very mesmerizing educator, John J. Waugh. So we talked - and talked and talked.

Something I had been rolling around in my head because of the past week came up - mortgage pre-approval.

Money is always a touchy subject, and I learned early on that when money enters a conversation as it must in real estate, the world changes a bit. I prefer to send my buyers to a mortgage person, someone I know and trust or someone they know and trust, rather than qualify them for a mortgage myself. This used to be done all the time by agents, I am told, but the consensus in the class was that most "used" mortgage people to do it.

But it must be done. I had a conversation earlier in the week with an agent who told me a story about a client who absolutely refused to speak with anyone and still wanted to see higher end homes. She accommodated him/her for a bit, but then she had to insist on some verification. The person left in a huff, presumably to work with someone else... who one would hope would ask for the same verification eventually.

For every offer, I have on file a pre-approval or proof of funds if it's a cash deal. Often though, while I may have the documentation, other agents do not ask for it. Generally for mortgages I include it in the offer to bolster it. This was necessary in the good old days because there were other offers out there. Now agents are thrilled to get any offer, real or not, it seems. Either that, or they have come to trust that I have made my buyers do their homework or I wouldn't bring the offer.

This goes for every buyer, even people I know well. Recently I worked with a couple whose credit scores had been checked, approvals given, and were stellar buyers on the very high end. They knew the requirements and called one of the mortgage people I recommend. We were all shocked when the pre-approval was denied due to a blip in their credit not in their control (long story, not to be gone into here). My stellar buyers would have to wait a bit until the issue was resolved. But we are all so glad that the problem was identified early - before an offer was extended and accepted, before their current home went on the market.

I remember sitting with a gentleman a while back who was offering cash for a good-sized home. I needed to know he could buy it, and we sat in the empty office for a couple hours while he fished around through his files and came up with enough verification for me to go ahead with the offer. He told me his wife didn't know as much as I did afterwards. But we got the house, and I was able to negotiate from a strong position.

As uncomfortable as the money discussion can be, it is necessary.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Spring time!

It's Spring....
and boy am I oh-so ready for the warm weather!
(not the allergies and headache I had the past two days however)
This warmness is getting me excited about so many things: people are out buying houses (yayyy! two offers this week so far), I can clean out my car and not get frost bite, go for walks (I wore work out clothes two days this week and did not work out one single bit, story of my life), Frankie can play outside with his friends...
 Frankie & Lucy-Belle hanging out at the park
Frankie & his cousin (mom's dog) Barlcay enjoying a ride with the windows down :)
and... Easter, my fave holiday, is right around the corner...however this has brought a few negatives into my life:
I have eaten one of these every night before bed ugh take.them.away.please (no not really babe if you're reading this ha)
I got these ridiculously good cookies for the kids (and bc they have a theme and I love themes lol) and can crush 4-5 in one sitting... not good people!
HOWEVER - Spring is exciting because it is time to clean out the old and get some new things!! These are things I am lusting over right now that are def my Spring Must Have's!!!
 LOVE this Lily dress in white, must have, so cute....
 This Lily Dress is so cute too... obsessed... I die (when does Rachel Zoe come back on? love her!)
 And both of these Lily's too.... in two colors haha love how simple they are and comfy looking!

Since my mom stole my black Tory Burch's haha she will need to be getting me a new pair, and I am thinking I want tan and gold :) Thanks Lynda.
Since everyone has been talking about these dang Clarisonics and how great their skin is looking thanks to this thing, I guess I will have to fork up the $149 and see what all the hype is about lol and I like this limited edition cute printed one too!

This body? Um yes please! haha. That is unrealistic I realize, so I will just take all 3 of these swimsuits from Vicki's for vaca and the pool this summer!
In attempt to getting "summer swim suit ready" I REALLY need to invest back into the only workout that I have ever enjoyed and get my butt back to....

It is really the only workout that I could see fast results from, and I am a lover of instant gratification. 

Along with my wants, our patio is also is some need of new cushions and pillows... I love ALL of these from Ballards so that will be a tough decision to make.... ;)

Don't even begin to think I forgot my sweet angel... Frankie needs new Spring attire as well and these are the colors he will be getting :)

 Hahaha how cute are those? He already has a green & blue but they are looking a little worn.

I think that's it for now :) However I did see this picture today and laughed outloud to myself and thought I would share if you haven't already seen it... Happy Wednesday!

PS. THANK YOU PinkLouLou for the shout out today, look at my I am so super excited!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My fave videos when I need a laugh :)

I must admit I rarely, have time to get on youtube and look at videos... however I do love when people send me good ones to view! And I also love to take some of my own from my phone during extremely funny situations or for blackmail against Chris haha! So I decided I would share some of my favorite videos to date. Be sure to mute my playlist at the bottom of the page first :)

Sorry if you are an Obama lover.... but this is hysterical if you haven't seen it already...

Ugh I can not for the life of me figrue out how to get these to rotate... but you can kinda get the picture here... this is Connor's first "sour patch kid" and aren't I a good Godmother? lol

I have an obsession with this kid... something about him, I'm not sure if i feel sorry for him, think he is the funniest person ever, or what? But he is hysterical and this is my favorite video of his antics

This is a commercial, but my very favorite commercial currently... they play it every 5 secs so you've probably seen it, but its good!

Thats it... hope it made you smile!
My next post I'm hoping will be my Spring "must-have's", the list is just so long right now I am trying to tone it down a notch before posting so that if Chris see's it he won't go into cardiac arrest! ;)
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Top 10 Reason I Love Coach Cal

Top 10 Reasons I Love Coach Cal...
I thought this was the appropriate time to show just how much we love Coach Calipari and all he has done for our Kentucky Wildcats the last 2 years! Here are my top 10 when it comes to Coach Cal:

He is not afraid to dance a little jig while coaching... :)

He gets sleepy... just like the rest of us ;)

He picks the right time to write a book ... when you're coaching for the BEST team out there!

He is a tad dramatic when he needs to be .... but hey who isn't? After all, it is a little humerous to watch!

You know you've hit the big time when they have made offical "Silly Bands" of your face, doesn't get much better than that...except for that not only kids where these, adults sport them too! :)

Smart man, keeps his friends close, and his enemies closer!!!

He has the friends we wish we had!! Umm hello.... who just hangs out with LeBron? Jealous.

 He is not afraid of bronzer ... this one might possibly be my favorite lol If you're going to be on HDTV, you should probably use some bronzer! Don't sweat it (no pun intended), Cal's got it under control.

He produced our latest Fab 5! What a crew! So special for us Wildcat Fans, we will never forget them!

And... #1....

He's taking us to the Sweet 16!! Woohoo!!
C-A-T-S Cats, Cats, Cats!!
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