Saturday, June 23, 2012

Take me out to the Ballpark

We went to the Doubledays' game on Thursday night.  It was one of the 95 degree days, with brilliant sunshine so you knew the evening would be hot and warm.  What Fields of Dreams are made of.

And it was an extraordinarily beautiful night.  Falcon Park in Auburn is right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.  The young men who play may some day make it to the majors, but most likely will not.  They play for pride, I would imagine.  That, and nights like last Thursday when it all comes together.

It was dollar night.  I got a hot dog for a dollar, and a beer (or two) for a dollar.  Admission was $6.  Parking is free, and right across the street.  No reserved seating - box seats (a few rows) and general admission.  It wasn't packed, so we could spread out and easily see the field a few feet away.

Our friend Tammy came with us, rather spur of the moment.  She regaled us with tales of going to a Mets game.  She said the ballpark was phenomenal - well-planned out, very secure, and extremely clean.  She had a hamburger that cost $11.  Ah, those New York City prices!  But that trip took planning.  Bob called her around 5:00 and we met up at 7:00.

The Doubledays were tied with the Batavia Mud Dogs in the 9th, after the sun went down and the lights came on.  Then on through the 10th, the crowd getting a bit raucous and committed to rattling the other team.  But in good humor, certainly okay for childen's ears.  And then hits came in, a manager was ejected, a call disputed by the Doubledays' 3rd base coach and suddenly a hit - and they won.

But we all had won long before, having the rare privilege of being there on such a night.