Friday, June 1, 2012

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

So - a bit later than usual, but with all the crises in real estate....Can there be crises?  Yes - end of month closings - will it close or won't it?  Where the heck did that appraiser go?  What do you mean you got another offer?  We have pre-possession - don't make us move!  We want pre-possession....  The glass man will see you now - and I mean NOW!  Yikes!  In New York it takes a collective team to move along a closing - Buyers, Sellers, 3 attorneys usually, appraisers, inspectors, mortgage people (who have their own team), and yes, the Realtors who try to pull it all together.  That's my excuse.  Crises, not of my making.

Currently (and this is Wednesday to Wednesday) there are 108 active single family homes listed in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service.  Of these 30 are in the village and 28 are waterfront.  I looked a bit closer at the numbers and thought these statistics were of interest.

The median price for an actively listed home in Skaneateles is $359,000.

The lowest-priced home is $99,900 (and there are two) and the highest is 2.995M.

Of these 108 homes, 11 are priced over one million dollars (that's 10%!).

Waterfront homes have a median price of $650,000, with the lowest being $195,000 and the highest that 2.995M home.

Non-waterfront homes range from the $99,900 homes to 2.795M with $295,000 being the median listed price.

Going on to homes under contract, there are a total of 38 single family homes waiting to close.  Two new ones were added this past week - one around $300,000 and the other priced to sell under $200,000.

Nothing sold this past week - and that's a rarity in this market.  But wait another week or two for the end of month statistics to come in.  My old friend Marty who is a Realtor in Colorado pointed out a report that said Syracuse and Buffalo were considered to be in the top ten of affordable cities in the entire country.  I wonder if the report meant Metropolitan Syracuse or just the city?  But look at what you can get - that lake, the hills, the quaint and cared-for little towns and villages, the contented people who greet you with a smile.  Not such a bad life, here in Central New York.

And if you want to build in this area - a great ad ran last week in the Sunday Post-Standard and will be repeated this week.  It's also been online at all week and featured on my Facebook Realtor page.  Many thanks to Mallory Brown at the Post-Standard for designing it!