Saturday, July 10, 2010

In Case You Missed It -

It's been a very tough week around Skaneateles for the Chamber members and friends.

I was stunned to hear of Karen Foltz from Pomodoro Too's passing. I knew she had been sick, but I always believe people are on the recovery track or there will be another new drug or trial. Thursday afternoon at the Sherwood friends and family celebrated what Karen had meant to them. It was a very important occasion, I believe, for everyone to get together, and I'm glad they did.

John Yuhas' calling hours were Tuesday in Marcellus. He was a real estate attorney for years, brother and son of Ann and Babette Yuhas, both Marcellus Realtors. When I bought my house in Skaneateles 20 years ago he had been my attorney. I remember he congratulated me on getting a 9.5% home loan for it. He fought through ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) for years and years, but the fight, not the disease should define him.

Jan Loveless from the Kreb's and Bob Herman from the old Skaneateles Savings Bank also passed away in the past week. I thank Sue Dove from the Chamber for keeping us all updated - it's been a difficult task for her so give her a hug. Hopefully her e-mails can stop now.

On a lighter note, Andy Ramsgard, one of the fine architects from Skaneateles, purchased a castle in the Adirondacks that had been featured in the Post-Standard a year ago or so. He is amazed at the engineering of it - concrete block and solid - that the untrained builder accomplished. I can't wait to see what Andy will accomplish there, using the core structure. It will truly be a castle!