Sunday, February 13, 2011


Just to bring everyone up to date on some changes that have occurred in the real estate market in Skaneateles. Some things I absolutely know, others are rumor and I will tag them as such.

To start, Aaron Moss has teamed up with Nothnagle out of Rochester and will become part of their company once the state gives its okay. This has been in the works for months; in the meantime Aaron and Steve Ansteth and their agents are open next to Sweetwater on Genesee Street.

Jerry Morrissey and agents Sara Collins and Betsy Barrett are opening an office at 44 East Genesee Street in the old Quinzi and Quinzi Jewelry Store. The name of their new company is Finger Lakes Realty Partners. The office is not open as yet, but signs are going up around the village and town. Michael Falcone is also involved as a partner although I do not have much more information than that. I have been told - rumor alert! - that they are working out of his Pioneer Company offices.

Mike DeRosa has become part of Sotheby's (Select Sotheby's International Realty) whose offices are listed as my old stomping grounds on Broadway in Saratoga Springs. Rumor has it that Sotheby's is coming to Skaneateles and will open an office, but where precisely that will be is undisclosed as yet - or when. In the meantime, another rumor has it that Sotheby's will only allow their signs to be placed on properties listed at $500,000 or above. Again, I stress this is rumor...

Change is good - keeps everyone on their toes. We will see how this all plays out - we currently have five open offices in the village with approximately 40-some agents. Six years ago we had the same number of offices and about 60 agents. Two brokerages combined, two new ones opened, and one dropped out of the area. Change. Houses still were listed and sold - as they are and will continue to be even if the cast and settings change. Skaneateles will always be - I predict! -a highly sought-after area in which to live and vacation.