Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Summer Edition

It's been a couple very busy weeks.  I have seen houses for listing and I am very excited about some new prospects, shown and sold houses, and still had time to celebrate Liam's first birthday.  When I first started I wrote that I intended this blog to be about a Realtor's life in Skaneateles.  In the summer I take my time off when I can find it, and generally very few people know where I am at any given time, just that I am working. Whether I answer the phone from the park near the East River or at the lake, or in Auburn eating lunch at Connie's with Intrepid Janet, I am vacationing and working at the same time.  My Fiat is my vacation - top down (except in this heat) and flying down the lake.

(Sign by Absolute Sign Company on Erie Blvd.)
There are currently 118 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service.  Of these, 26 are in the Village and 29 are considered waterfront.  Eight new ones came on in the past two weeks (July 4th through today, July 18th).  Two are re-lists.  A huge, gorgeous waterfront property is available at well over 2 million dollars.  One in the town - close to the village - is now on the market for over $300,000 while a smaller house just a little bit farther out is listed at $200,000.  A couple are fixer-uppers - and their prices reflect that.  A pretty village home is also there for under $300,000.

While I'm thinking of it, my clients are looking for a home that has a first floor master bedroom/bath and is in good condition, close to the village.  They are well-qualified and their home has sold.  Pricing somewhere around $200,000 would be wonderful.  If you are thinking of selling, or know someone who is, and the home meets these criteria, please call or e-mail me: 

I am trying out a new way of reporting on the CUP homes.  These are the ones that have a contract on them and are in some stage of the selling process.  They could be anywhere from a contract contingent on a home to sell or a day or two away from closing.  To you it probably doesn't matter, and since I don't name houses it wouldn't help anyway.  So!  There are currently 32 homes in this C (contingent) U (under contract, do not show) P (pending) category.  Five are new in the past two weeks.  They range in price from the low $200,000 list price to a high around $500,000.  They are all recently built (stay tuned to why that is important!)

We now have 55 homes that have sold and closed year-to-date.  Seven are new in the past two weeks. Two are large waterfront homes and one is smaller, with a smaller price.  Three are homes in the town and one is in the village.  Except for one of these homes, all are in great shape and the vast majority were built in the last 15 years.  I think what we are seeing is a trend towards newer homes, or homes that have been updated, especially the kitchens. Not a single one of the new CUPs or sales was built prior to 1920.

But the spectacular news is the volume of sales.  When I say we've been busy - we were!  To reiterate, 55 in 2012 to date.  Only 30 in 2011, 36 in 2010, 45 in 2009, and sadly only 23 (!) in 2008 had closed by this date.

My suggestion to everyone - sellers or buyers - is not to delay!