Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tournament Time

What a great NCAA Basketball Tournament it's been so far, after only one real round.  I love it when the underdog teams win and upset (as long as it's not Syracuse!) the other teams.  Last night's Florida Gulf Coast University's win over Georgetown was a game for the ages.  Incredible shots, young kids giving their all, and frankly having a lot of fun, it looked like...

SU plays tonight - late again, so if I am a bit bleary-eyed at the open house on Sandbank tomorrow, please forgive me.  I am sure I will be awake long past midnight.

I am back in contact with Cindy Pack, a Realtor from Louisville.  We wrote to each other a few years ago, and in the ensuing battles I sent her an SU T-shirt and she sent me Louisville's T.  I wore it last year at the Big East, and will again this year whenever they play...until SU plays Louisville for the Championship.

So tonight - Go Orange!  No matter what happens you have given us highs and lows this long winter season, and I, for one, appreciate you!