Sunday, July 28, 2013

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Summer Update

High summer - rainy day....perfect for writing this blog.  I had thought about doing an open house out at Ten Mile Point in part because it's the boat show this weekend.  Glad I didn't.  On days like these Alex and I would head for the movies from camp.  We'd stop at McDonald's - a rare treat - and avoid going back to the lake as long as we could.  Now I love days like this - if I start at the lake and don't have to think about going there.  Curl up with a good book, put on an old movie.  Or, like today, write my blog.

Currently in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service there are 108 active single family listings.  Of these, 27 are in the Village and 30 are deemed waterfront.

Ten new ones have come on the market since I wrote the last update - 22 days ago!  They range from a low of around $200,000 to a high about $600,000.  Only two are waterfront and only two are in the Village.

There are 23 homes listed as under contract.  Five are new - and four of these are in the Village.  The homes under contract range from $200,000-ish to well over a million dollars.

Year-to-date there are now 54 sold and closed homes.  Twelve of these have closed since the last update.  Five were in the Village and 3 were waterfront.  Prices range from under 200K to over a million.

Last year was a record-breaking year for sales in Skaneateles.  At this time there were already 61 closings, so we are near that mark.  There were also a great number of Village homes and I thought that trend may have waned.  The numbers show differently - 19 of the 54 closings this year were Village as compared to 27 of the 61 closings in 2012.  The Village is still quite a desired commodity.

By the way - we had a very wonderful dinner last evening at the Glen Haven Hotel at the south end of the lake.  I had my brie that I love so much, and Bob had huge shrimp and a pasta of some kind.  For me, a rhubarb and mango crisp (a la mode, of course!) for dessert finished it off.  But mostly we just soaked in the beautiful setting on the porch, looking out at the lake while the sun set.  A splendid place to celebrate new beginnings and remember old times.