Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beautiful Days

Yesterday I went to the Big M in Elbridge for groceries. I had intended to put them away and go back to the office to work on my mailing list. I love being in the village on a warm spring evening, the door open to passers-by.

I found myself taking the opportunity to buy cards to send to people. I needed two sympathy cards and two get well cards. As I stood in the aisle deciding on which cards to buy, I realized I should just go home and enjoy the day, walk the dogs, read in the sunshine, wait for Bob to come home.

One sympathy card was for the Woodcock family. Bob had worked for them for a few years off and on, and came to really like and admire Dr. Woodcock. Last Friday his plane crashed in Skaneateles due to engine failure. He was killed by a falling tree, the flight instructor left in critical condition. A friend called us Friday night to tell us after his name was released. He had just retired from his ophthalmology practice and looked forward to flying.

The other was for the family of Cheryl McDonald, whose husband Wayne died suddenly on Monday. If there was ever a "Hail fellow, well met!" sort of guy that was Wayne. Big, sweet, always smiling he catered with his wife - they did our wedding. He was a hockey and baseball coach for the kids, and lived just over the line in Sennett. Again, a friend told me of his passing - and that he and Cheryl had just three weeks ago had another boy. He was only 40.

The two get well cards were for friends undergoing surgery tomorrow for breast cancer. One is a biopsy, the other a lumpectomy for a malignancy. They will be fine, I know, but it's a scary time.

So I walked the dogs, read in the sun, and had dessert - Wake Robin Farm yogurt. And put off blogging until I gained some perspective and got back in the Cabrio to show another home.