Sunday, April 13, 2008

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

It's been a very busy week! I had a Tuesday brokers' open in a great home in Camillus, then offers to write after seeing properties, and a difficult closing which we all celebrated. This doesn't include looking for the perfect down-sizing home for a family, too! So much fun!

An agent we ran into along the way said he has had 13 showings of his property in the past week. While it's a function of price, he told us in his 31 years of real estate he knows that when the weather gets better, things start to jump off the shelves.

Not yet in Skaneateles. There are 14 homes closed since the beginning of the year and 5 new listings came on for a total of 101 single family residences in the multiple listing service. Of these new listings, two were re-lists and 1 isn't even in the area, but was placed in the Skaneateles area to catch attention. It caught ours! The average price remained the same as last week: $546,700.

And there are still 12 condos out there, too!

Selling this week was the 1874 renovated mission church in Skaneateles Falls. Currently used as office space, it is lovely and I wish the new owners well. There are several churches in the area for sale, some at unbelievably low prices. With time, this subject will be researched and blogged. The Falls church was listed for $699,000.

Looking at other areas to compare to Skaneateles - Marcellus just over the hill has 60 listings, many of which are "to be builts" in the new communities under development. Camillus has 157 listings, ranging from the lower prices (under 100K) to an incredible estate listed at almost 2 million dollars. Elbridge only has 31 listings - and those include the village and town of Elbridge as well as the village of Jordan.