Monday, October 6, 2008

Declutterization - Part Three

We last left my poor house waiting to be decluttered with the aid of a friend. As things have it, she took a different position and I was left with a full closet and basement and half the garage filled with "stuff." I then went off to a very busy late spring and early summer. Now that I am more at home (as opposed to camp) I see the closet and the basement, etc. and want it gone!

This past weekend I saw an article in the Post-Standard about a woman, Marlene Gallo, who helps to make the clutter go away. She was featured in Bob Niedt's column; the name of her company is Tender Transitions. She sounded more like a grief counselor than what I needed, but I gave her a call anyway.

Marlene and I talked briefly. She will go through everything after understanding what is important and find homes for things. She doesn't do e-bay, but maybe I can learn and I have done Craig's List. Things will go after being gone through - amazing! She works by the hour or by the project.

This is going to be a horrible year for many, many people. As I write the Dow is down 500 points. Jobs are going to be lost, people are going to be hungry and cold. I want those good clothes of mine and my mother's to help, the crocheted blankets to warm someone. I haven't done it yet and I know that I won't alone.

I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow evening. Stay tuned.