Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome to Skaneateles!

I had lunch at Creekside (http://www.creeksidecoffeehouse.com) with Intrepid Janet who used to go to broker's opens with me over the summer. Now that she's teaching, I miss seeing her.

As we stood in line she mentioned that she's feeling more at home in Skaneateles. They bought a house last year through me and we became friends. She said now when she moves through the village she sees people she knows and they say hello. It's not just me or her relatives any more.

We took our lunches - I had the curry chicken wrap (so good!) - and went upstairs for a chat. A group of four women were there ahead of us and one gave Janet a lovely greeting. We laughed - "See?" she said.

As we ate she told me that it's often the real estate agent who is the first contact in a new town. Janet and her family have not moved that much, but she says she's been lucky to turn a business relationship into a friendship whenever they have moved.

It struck me how true that is - especially the part about the first contact. People move in for work purposes - men and women take jobs locally so they at least know some people - but their spouses may not. Often it's the agent engaged to find them a home who really sets the tone and provides the first rudimentary social occasions.

Quite a responsibility! I'm glad Janet brought it up and helped me examine this unwritten part of my contract with buyers. I try hard to make the searching pleasant, but I know I will try even harder with her words in mind.