Saturday, February 7, 2009

Creativity in Upstate New York

There's a vague reference here to real estate, so please bear with me. I just need to send these three people's accomplishments out there so you can appreciate them, too.

Mike Quigley has a new book out: Childhood Without a Helmet: Stump City Two. His first book was a recollection of his earlychildhood in Stump City, an area in Skaneateles Falls located behind the current WelchAllyn facility. One of seven brothers and sisters, they scraped together a life of childhood dreams and stellar personalities. When my clients bought an incredible home in Stump City last year, I became even more enamored of Mike's writing. Their home is in the book - guess what they got for a closing present!

And now there's a new one - with the kids older and more irascible (or at least some of them). Great reading by the fire - it's our history, too.

If you'd like to hear Mike speak, he will be at Creekside on Thursday, March 5th at 7:00 PM. Go to for updated information as the time gets closer. Or to buy the book, too!

One of our administrators at RE/MAX Masters shared with us a video her son, Michael Chapman, had made. We stood here in the office watching and listening and feeling again everything we had felt during the Inauguration. Please take a moment to see and hear this. The creator is a junior in college. Just click the link:

Another wonderful aspect of life in upstate New York is the opportunity to meet again people who grew up here. I had a good friend through high school and college years, lost track of him ten years ago, and he re-surfaced out of the blue this past summer. His sister called me recently and I was able to tell her how much I had enjoyed her work which I'd seen in art galleries. She told me about her website - - and I invite you to enjoy it also. She will be have a new installation at the Delavan Gallery in Syracuse in March which I will pass along as the time gets closer.

One does not live by bread alone!