Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Keep your head down, keep moving!"

I am shamelessly stealing this sentiment in the title from someone. But I love it because it says a lot about what we all need to do.

I spent the day finishing up odds and ends of real estate in the morning. Jolanta cleaned a house for me - amazing how dirty an empty place can get! I tried to straighten out a couple rentals - March 1st is on Sunday and I have people moving in and hopefully the old people moving out, checks clearing, and smooth sailing up ahead. I sent out postcards about three lots I have listed - hey! you can build for under $300,000 easily in Skaneateles or live on the water for a million with room in the stable for your horses.

I took Boo for a walk. Yes, the same Boo who ate my bread from Rosalie's last night. He needed to run it off because Bob left early this morning to supervise his community project at the Samaritan Center in Syracuse and didn't have time to walk him. We climbed the hill to the cornfields and walked across them and back. The sun on the snow gave me a sunburn which I loved and needed. We returned to our property just as a snowmobiler shot down from the upper fields and raced across what will soon be only mud. Boo preferred eating deer poop to chasing him.

I mailed my postcards and said hello to Jim at the Elbridge post offce. He always makes me feel welcome and part of the community. Then I went on to Burritt's Cafe in Weedsport, getting in just before Wednesday closing at 4:00.

If you haven't been there, take the time and go. Check it out at It's a coffee house and music venue, home to groups like "The Salt Potatoes." Darryl and Sherry took an old building and converted it. The brick walls alone are worth the trip; the ladies' bathroom is decorated with Patience Brewster prints and feather boas. I have the building across the street (North Seneca Street, a four unit) listed, but I go to Burritt's for a friendly hello and Ithaca Bakery bagels. Not to mention an occasional latte.

Today Darryl and I talked a bit about the market, what was happening and not happening. He told me that a friend had walked in and when Darryl asked him how it was going, he said "Keep your head down, keep moving." I thought I'd pass it on because it captures the essence of what we need to do.

My favorite internet reader sent another link: Syracuse now ranks #6 in affordable homes in the country. None of the other cities in New York made the rankings. I only wish that the affordability extended outwards from the city. But isn't it great that a young couple can still afford to buy a home here?

The times are changing and will change us, but the simple pleasures of life - a walk with a dog, a friendly greeting, a cup of good coffee - will continue, as long as you...."Keep your head down, keep moving."