Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekends Away

In the fall Bob's family pulls up stakes wherever they are and journeys to the Adirondacks (usually) for a weekend to celebrate his mother's birthday. This started after his father died in 2002 because she wanted the family around her. "The family" means seven married children with many children, step-children and now great-grandchildren as well. The first year we numbered 30 for Saturday night dinner at a restaurant in Old Forge. We never went out to eat again, en masse!

In other years we've stayed at the incredible Sagamore Great Camp, the past home of the Vanderbilts. After a four mile drive into the estate from Route 28, we took over the lodge for the weekend. We walked, had bonfires, huge dinners with the other guests (meals included but don't be late!) and then toured Old Forge on Sunday afternoon. Accommodations were single rooms in the lodge - you can see footage of it in "The Good Shepherd," a Matt Damon film a few years back.

This time we stayed where we started in 2002, Rocky Point in Inlet, about 12 miles north of Old Forge. These are condos right on Fourth Lake with a pool, spa, tennis courts, and lake frontage. They are wonderful! Each one has three bedrooms with three baths, kitchen, living/diningroom, wood-burning fireplace and decks. All are decorated with the Adirondack theme - lots of moose, bears, bark, red, black and green. And they're new - no mice, as my sisters-in-law would add.
Check them out at www.rockypointproperties.com.

Since we were so close to Old Forge we ventured out early, scraping ice off the car. After breakfast at the Hard Luck Cafe in Eagle Bay we went horseback riding. For over an hour we walked through the trails on a brilliantly clear day. Everywhere we looked the colors were fantastic! We gave Luke, our nephew, a ride for his 14th birthday present. He grinned all the way! We went on into Old Forge for some shopping, then came back for a swim.

Dinner was a family affair, moving between two condos with an eye on the SU game. At halftime "Grandma" and Luke celebrated their birthdays, then back to the game. The younger set - college and into their 30s grandchildren - had a bonfire into the wee hours at the gazebo on the lake. I slept amazingly well both nights, despite our condo being the one with the poker party on Friday night and the late adult revelers on Saturday night.

Sunday we went home through Old Forge with the obligatory stop for breakfast at Keyes Pancake House. Those pecan pancakes! It misted at first, and then downright rained so we never took the top off the Honda del Sol but we'd had a great ride Friday in the late afternoon sunshine. We got home safely and built a fire, the dogs and cats well-cared for in our absence by Frank from "Walk the Dog Services."

I realize that so many people have moved into the area recently and may not know that this great spot is only about two and a half hours from Skaneateles. I was in the midst of a deal that might have required me to return over the weekend. I resolved that I would, obviously, if needed and could easily do it with a few hours leeway. They call at 9:00 - I'm there by 12:00. And there was cell service, if spotty.

When I checked the website for Rocky Point this morning I saw the condos in snow. Great place for cross-country, or winter hiking. We may go up this winter with friends for a weekend.

Suddenly I am ready for fall.