Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zumba and Other Good News

Last winter when I was working out on my stationary bike I ran across an infomercial on Zumba ("Ditch the workout, join the party!"). It intrigued me because I'd had an inquiry on one of my commercial properties from a woman who wanted to lease space for classes. She told me a bit about it, and it sounded like fun. Noisy fun, not the best for the office space available, but fun nevertheless.

As the summer wound down and I felt the need for movement, I looked into it. There's a website - www.zumba.com - and when I searched I came up with a place where it was being taught. I considered going - what the heck! - and asked around if anyone knew anything about it.

The woman who does my hair at Carlo's Salon said she went to a class once. She tried to do too much and wrecked up her knee, then when she slacked off the instructor yelled at her. Oh my! Not the best introduction, but forewarned is forearmed.

I checked it out - a class was being held at 6:00 at Dancing Kats (www.dancingkats.com) up in North Syracuse. I didn't have to pre-register, I could just go, so I did.

It was fantastic! For an hour along with 9 other women I moved. I can't say I danced, because I hardly did that. But I moved and sweated and got my heartrate up and most of all smiled. The music is fast and furious and salsa and fun. I constantly went right when the rest of the class went left, I turned when I should have stayed put, I was three beats behind everyone, but no one seemed to care.

Two other women were new, also, and we just laughed. We didn't get yelled at, we were instructed to do as much as we felt capable, and the comfort level was high. A woman stopped me afterwards and told me that everyone had been where I was (new) and that it takes time to feel at ease. She suggested it would take 6 to 10 classes. But the workout, with or without ability to dance, was great!

I went back Monday morning, early. I'll continue to go back because for $7 - yes, $7! - I get to smile and sweat and feel very good about getting fit. The second time I actually jumped when I was supposed to, discovered a few steps I could do, and figured a bit of it out. And the energy! Amazing!

Laughing is good for the soul. I was buying a new birdfeeder because the squirrels ate the last one and as I left Ace Hardware a fairly large - 300 pounds? - man was coming in. He wore a t-shirt that read "I Beat Anorexia." Do you laugh? Acknowledge it? Or just smile.

Driving through the village I saw an elderly woman rolling down the sidewalk in her wheelchair. A dog was trotting out in front, and I could see she held his leash in her left hand. I don't think he was pulling her, I think she was taking him for a walk through the village on a peaceful late summer day. How lovely!

Just a reminder - this week is the Skinnyman (person) Triathlon, www.skanraces.com/triathlon. Check it out! Then go get some cotton candy and a ride at the Labor Day Field Days in Austin Park.