Thursday, December 10, 2009

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

Please forgive the tardiness of this update. I've been in Christmas card heaven for the past two days, with a third day coming right up after I finish this. The cards are an annual tradition. I buy them when the Chestnut family goes to the Adirondacks in the fall to celebrate Mrs. C's birthday. The Old Forge Hardware has a great selection, and I can usually get Lang cards with lovely houses. I get to say hello to an old high school friend who owns the store and tradition rolls on! Then sometime in December I sit down and connect with people who have bought or sold or listed with me over the past almost decade. It takes a while, but I enjoy it. I hope others do, too!

In the past I have set up in a little coffee house, now a yarn store, in Elbridge and watched the snow fall as I write cards and drink mochas. I've been to Creekside, too, sitting in the upstairs and seeing people while I write, lick, stamp and seal. This year the task was huge - wonderfully huge - so I've been spread out on the island and table, with a quick run into the village and Chestnut Cottage and the Pomodoros for more cards when I realized I had underestimated. Yesterday I gathered the first lot and got to the post office when it was still closed for its 90 minute lunch break (saves money, but so inconvenient!) Jim took pity on me and opened up - I love small towns! So if you get your card today, please think kindly of this Elbridge postmaster.

There are currently 109 listings in the Skaneateles area of the New York State multiple listing service. Only one is new - a pretty farmhouse in the Marcellus school district on almost three acres and priced in the upper $100,000 range.

There are no new contingent homes and only one pending altogether in the system.

However! We now have 77 closed single family homes so far this year. Three are new reportings. One is a lake rights home priced originally in the mid-$500,000. But that was last winter, and it just closed in the low $400,000. Another lake rights started in the low $300,000 and closed in the mid-$200,000. A lovely new construction but lived in for a couple years home started in the mid-$500,000 and closed there, too. The question is always how much was gained by waiting for the owners' price? Taxes and interest (presumably) and insurance were paid for two years or more. Only the owners know their rationale!

But let's do it! Before the attorneys take their vacations, before the celebrations start for 2010 - let's close enough to make it to 80 for the year. Or more - why not? There are bargains out there!