Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

"The Weekly Update." Hmm. I didn't start out this year with a weekly update, or any update for that matter, except for the list of homes that closed at the end of last year. I did that purposefully because I was feeling as if the weekly update was getting stale, and compulsory. I didn't like that. But as I go through the listings and sales, I am reinvigorated. I do love those statistics that tell the story! I also like being right on top of things, knowing my market. A weekly update forces me to learn. Kind of like weighing myself every day - which I'm not doing either. Monitor and adjust - maybe I just have to make it more interesting to me!

Currently there are 95 active listings in the Skaneateles area. Last year at this time there were 121 - a significant difference! Of the 121, 34 were waterfront. This year there are 23 identified as such. I want to believe that with the reduction of inventory the sales will increase. This is a great sign! The listings range in price from $108,000 to 2.9M (on the water, of course!)

Since the beginning of the year, 8 new listings have come on the market. Three of these are re-lists, and the others are totally new, or new enough to be considered not a re-list.

There are 10 homes marked contingent or pending. Four of these are new since the beginning of the year - and all are village properties, interestingly enough. Of the 95 current active listings, 22 are in the village.

Sorry - we have no closings yet, and I do mean YET! I look forward to a fast and furious year of sales, sales, and more sales. We are due!