Friday, January 1, 2010

Predictions and Resolutions - 2010

Last year I wrote about what I thought would happen and what I resolved to do as it related to real estate, and such. The such included Alex and Rachel's wedding - and no, it wasn't sunny and I didn't wear high heeled sandals. The sun came out, however, exactly when Alex crushed the glass at the end of the ceremony. No one could have predicted that! I did cry - it was a wedding! Rachel was - and is - beautiful.

Other predictions came to pass. There were never more than 150 listings of single family homes in the Skaneateles area at one time. We did close somewhere around 80 - the yearly update will be finalized next week at some time when all the closings are in. I had said 80 to 85 - and I'm impressed with myself!

I resolved to separate my finances and I did, and will continue the process with more refinement this year. I did not sell everything I listed, and in spite of it being a good year it was not a positive listing year for me. I do believe many agents could say the same thing, but I only have control over my own efforts - not the economy, not the price points, and seldom the buyers' wills. I served more as a buyer's agent this year.

I predict that next year will continue to be a buyer's market, with great deals out there.

I resolve to sell more houses in 2010 than I did in 2009.

I predict that between 90 and 95 homes will sell next year in the Skaneateles area. I will go out on a farther limb by saying the breakdown will be 20% waterfront, 10% new construction, and the rest existing homes. The median price will be $350,000, similar to this year.

I predict that SU football will have a winning season (wrong about that last year!) and SU basketball will go to the Final Four (again wrong last year but so much better chance for it this year!)

It will be Indianapolis and the Eagles in the Super Bowl (I can dream, can't I?) Mike Hart will score the winning touchdown.

I resolve to work extremely hard selling and buying real estate with my clients. When I think back on the last year I am so pleased that I met so many wonderful people and I can't imagine what life was like before I knew them!

I finally resolve to blog more and to enhance this blog. I didn't meet my goal of three blogs per week, but I'd like to reset it and try again. I sincerely hope my loyal readers will continue with me on this adventure. They - you - are much appreciated!