Monday, May 31, 2010

Out and About

I praised Auburn in my last post - now it's Marcellus' turn!

Specifically, I want to make you-all aware of a free class available at the new Natural Solutions for your health store at 6 West Main Street right in the heart of the village.

Nutritionist Rick McIntyre is offering a Free Weight Loss Metabolic Syndrome Class on Tuesday, June 1st, from 6:00 until 8:00 pm. To quote:

This class will stress the need to balance protein, carbohydrates and fat to lower inflammation and balance blood sugar....This diet is meant to be a life style not a short term fix. Each person will learn their individual protein and carbohydrate needs for the weight loss phase and for maintenance after they reach their ideal weight.

I would really love to go, but I have another appointment scheduled for that time. If you want to reserve a place, please call him at 673-3949. If you are like me and can't make it but would like to, please call and tell him because hopefully he can schedule another class just like he did with his free osteoporosis class.

While you're there, ask about high blood pressure and "natural solutions." Or check out the line of organic dog food he is now stocking. And the dog treats!

Don't forget - this upcoming weekend is Old Time Days in Marcellus, too! Lots of vendors, a parade, the stores will be open - a marvelous way to spend a few hours in a lovely little village just over the hill from Skaneateles.