Thursday, May 20, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

Lovely, lovely day here! Slight breeze, warmth for the first time in a few days, brilliant sunshine. Made me realize that summer will be here very soon. "The fastest three months in the year," Bob says.

There are currently 129 active listings under the heading of Town - Skaneateles in the multiple listing service. Twenty four of these are in the village. One new camp came on (actually two that I know of, but one is listed in Niles) for around $600,000. Its location is unknown because the owners don't want anyone checking it out while they are living there and trying to enjoy days like this. Interesting device, but I believe sincere, not just a market ploy. There is a multi-million dollar "castle" for sale - sorry, no waterfront. In the town there are two re-lists, both around the $200,000 mark. Outside and a ways away is another one in the low $100,000.

We do have a newly contingent property - lake rights in the village, listed in the mid-$400,000. It will be interesting to see what it does close for and if the market is still supporting homes like this with lake access. There are also 9 properties listed as "under contract, do not show."

Fifteen homes have closed so far this year in the Skaneateles area. The latest is a pretty home down the east side, only two bedrooms, but closing around its list price of about $200,000. Beauty stull wins the day every day!

And yes, so interesting that there should be a comment about the Seitz Building when all the units have just been re-listed! Amazing coincidence! There are 10 units available, ranging in price from $299,000 to $562,000. Only one has a contract on it, but it can still be shown. There are other condos in town for sale - 2 in the State Street complex for around $200,000 and one on Jordan for under half a million. On Genesee Street there are two buildings listed as condos for well over a million. But remember, there are only 13 sold condos in the system and only 2 of these that sold in the past 24 months - one on Jordan and one in the State Street group. But I do think that the view is spectacular from the Seitz Building and now with Moro's Bistro going in where Morris's used to be, the building is coming into its own.