Thursday, June 10, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

I went to Saratoga yesterday to visit friends for the day. Yes, yes, an offer went out and another one came you have learned over the years, it always happens when I am on "vacation." While I was leaving town (Saratoga) I got a bit turned around because of all the new construction and ended up on side streets. There on the corner was a "For Sale" sign reading "Vintage Cottage." But there was also a back hoe and a pile of dirt where the cottage had stood. I hope we don't come to that.

There are currently 132 (count 'em!) listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service. Twenty-seven are in the village. Eight new ones came on this past week. Three of these are re-lists, the waterfront home with a new price. The other five are split between waterfront - low $500,000 - to a high of a million, and two "to be builts," one at the $500,000 mark (in the village) and the other just outside for $400,000.

Sorry, no newly contingent homes - either to be continued to be shown or not shown. Houses have to sell elsewhere, I'm afraid!

We do have two new closings, continuing the upsurge that started about a month ago. Both homes closed under $200,000 - one near its assessed value and the other at about 75% of the assessed value. Try explaining the rhyme and reason of these values to out-of-towners - it is very difficult, especially when faced with issues like these. And both sold at what the market would allow - and that's the true value of the home after all.

There is movement out there - go see some of these homes this weekend! It is a treat to live and work in this area!