Thursday, June 17, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

I love real estate, in that each day can be radically different from the day before. Yesterday I left the house early, ran into the city for an appointment and then up to Liverpool to have lunch with a friend/client. After I flew (wish I really could!) out to Auburn for a home inspection then took lovely Route 20 to Caz and beyond to see a house. We came back by way of Pompey. I stopped in the heavy rains high on a hill on Route 20 to take phone calls and a moment to relax. Fortified, I went to the office to do paperwork where I opened a sweet thank you note from people who had visited. I got home in time for Bob's shrimp feast.

Today I have hardly left the computer since early on. And there's still more work to be done!

Currently there are 143 listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service, of which 26 are in the village. Ten are new this week. I expected to see many re-lists but there were only two -one a perennial favorite now for around $300,000 and the other coming off a rental for $200,000. The new ones have something for everyone - higher end waterfront properties, three of them ranging from $500,000 to a million. Three existing homes all up from $500,000 are new, too. The last two are simpler homes, one for about $200,000 and the other for $300,000-ish. Summer is usually a slower time - these might be wanting to take advantage of the lower rates or the vacationers who fall in love with Skaneateles.

Only 10 homes are marked under contract - and only one is newly contingent. Eight in the area are pended, getting ready to close some day soon, I would hope for their sakes!

We now have 26 sales for the year, up two from last week. Both are smaller homes, not in the Skaneateles School District, and together they don't reach the $200,000 mark. But they sold at list price or slightly over.

Because they were outside the district, if only just outside, I thought we might have a preponderance of non-district sales, but actually only 19 of the 26 fit this description. Two of the closed homes are in the village - just another fact to drop into conversation.

Because I have people interested in lots for sale in Skaneateles, I looked at those. There are 62 for sale, 58 of which are in the district. They range from the low $40,000 to multi-million dollar acreage. Six have closed this year, all but one within the two closest communities, Butters Farm and Parkside. New homes will be going up soon - just as others come on the market.

And what awaits me tomorrow in the world of real estate? I honestly don't know - and that's all right!