Thursday, August 26, 2010

Energy Savings?

(Okay, so I broke with my own "wisdom" of the past three years and added a photo to the last blog. It just seemed so right - and frankly, I like it!)

Last night Bob and I attended one of those free dinners - free, as long as you listen to what the presenter presents. I was assured it would be short and since it was on energy savings I thought I could possibly learn something. I knew we were going to be sold a product but it was at the Inn Between on Route 5 between, as it happens, Elbridge and Camillus and I knew the food would be good. Why not try it?

Bob was not so convinced. He reminded me of a time when his sister and brother-in-law went to a "party" and they were the only ones there. Bruce insisted on being polite and staying for the three hours; Mary Jo still can't believe they did this. But it must run in the family. Bob's niece just got married - being very young and very poor the honeymoon consisted of going to one of those "check out our time-shares in the Caribbean on us for two days!" We haven't heard how that turned out yet.

The food was excellent: salmon, risotto, summer squash, a lovely salad, coffee and strawberry ice cream. There were probably 24 people there, the presentation was indeed short, and we went away talking about it and the possibilities. We did not schedule an appointment to have the material installed free of charge only today, however. The material was mylar, like in the balloons or emergency blankets that you keep in the car that are so lightweight. Used by the space program, too!

The contention is that the material wrapped around the hot water heater will keep the temperature more constant. Installation over the attic insulation - what they were selling - would reflect heat downwards in the winter and out in the summer. The result would be a 25% to 60% savings in energy and thus money. Ta-dah!

If anyone knows more about this, please write in - I'd love to hear from builders who use this, because I don't know of any. I checked with one who had no idea what I was talking about. in the meantime, I think I'll go buy one of those blankets and wrap it around the water heater...