Thursday, August 12, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

My vacation has been such a busy time and I so wanted to write more - but no, getting home at 8:30 seems to prevent the creative juices from flowing. It's all I can do to eat Bob's wonderful meals - on paper plates, because it's still vacation! - and then read half a page...

Currently there are 154 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service. A total of 34 are in the village, and 42 are listed as "waterfront" - more on this later! The lowest priced home is $74,500 and the highest 2.9M. There are 18 single family properties listed at one million or over, and 29 are under $200,000. In the actual Skaneateles School District there are 149 active listings.

Here's where it gets tricky. The Central New York listing service is trying to get agents to list in the actual towns and counties where the properties are located. There are three counties and several towns that touch the lake, but many people put properties in the Skaneateles area to gain attention. If it's the school district it might actually be Cayuga County - but better seen in Skaneateles. If it's on the lake on the south end in Cortland County, better to make it Skaneateles.

Back to the stats first:

Six new listings came on the market. Three are re-lists - properties that either lost a deal or want to be noticed with a new price. Two of the really new listings are waterfront over one million, and the other is a home in the town for under $200,000.

There are no new sales - either marked contingent or pending, and nothing closed. The number for the year is still 38 sold single family homes.

Using "Skaneateles Lake" to search I found a total of 69 properties. Seven were in Niles and 1 in Sempronius (Cayuga County) and 4 more were in Spafford. There was also a lone one out there for Elbridge which frankly has nothing to do with Skaneateles - but it's either a mistake (most likely) or a way to get noticed. Adding the criteria of "waterfront" the number drops to 48 from 69. I must only presume that the 21 listings that make up the difference list the lake because of views - or something. The moral being - check the lake not the town, and then read carefully. Better yet - enlist a Realtor to help sort it out.

But whatever you do, if you are thinking about buying, please do so - it's a great time to do it!