Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

So I spent a couple days last week de-cluttering. It was marvelous! I found old photos I thought had been misplaced, Alex's great Garfield tape from second grade, and let go of tons of things that didn't measure up to those findings. We made barely nothing on the garage sale and took a load to the Thrifty Shopper store in Sennett on Grant Ave. They keep a clean and neat place, and I felt good giving things away. But after 48 hours with some time to rest I only made it through our bedroom, my bathroom, the "Adirondack room" guest bedroom and closet, and the kitchen. That was it. I will have to do the rest another time.

On to what else happened this past week! There are currently 148 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service. The village has 31 of these listings, and there are 35 waterfront properties. Five new homes came on the market this past week. Two are in the village - a sweet 2-bedroom for the mid-$200,000 and a pretty 4-bedroom for slightly above $400,000. An over a million dollars waterfront also came on the market and another one was re-listed, well under a million. I put on an absolutely adorable not-as-little-as-you'd-think cottage for $218,000. Open this Sunday, 11;30 to 1:00!

Six homes are marked contingent with one new one that was previously commercial space. We have 21 marked "U" or "P" which means they are ready for closing, or almost. Of these, 7 are in the village and 6 are waterfront.

So far this year we have 47 closed homes. One is new - a rare foreclosure on the edge of the village which sold for above its low listing price. Five of the 47 closed properties are in the village and 8 are waterfront. That makes the waterfront percentage about 17%. Last year it was similar (10/60 or 16.6%). In 2008 even though there were only 34 closed homes by this time, 9 of them were waterfront - approximately 26%.

I've been showing and showing all week, and as I speak with other Realtors they tell me that indeed, showings are up. Interest in one house sparks interest in others - and there are a lot of houses out there! Go see them this weekend! Buy them next week!