Friday, November 5, 2010

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

On this grey day with the rain coming down I'm reminded of winters in Seattle. It wasn't always like this, and it was nice to not wear boots and winter gear, but I missed the snow. I remember sitting with friends from North Dakota and our pining for the brilliant days of winter, when there's new snow and everything sparkles. But not yet, please!

There are currently ONLY 122 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service. Of these, 31 are in the village. This is good news for home-sellers - fewer houses to choose from makes the choice easier for people who have to buy. Also, since the inventory is down it will take less time to deplete it - properties will move faster and be replaced by new ones. There was only one new listing in the past week, and that was a re-list of a village home, but with a $30,000 reduction.

There are four new properties marked contingent. One was in the village, another has lake rights, and a third is suitable as a single family, commercial building, and a multi-family dwelling. Also, a small one that got a lot of attention in the Marcellus school district because of its very low price was included in the "continue to show" list.

Under the "we're all done mostly" list is an old beauty that has been on the market for a few years and now has a potential new owner plus a new construction home in the village. Another one that was listed both as a lot and as a home in need of major repair is pended.

Think of it - that's 7 homes that may close before the end of the year!

AND - three new ones have closed! A small village home that sold almost immediately closed not far from its original asking price. A home in Marcellus schools but Skaneateles township did the same, but under $200,000. The third one had been on and off the market for years with renters in-between, and that finally sold about 10% under its current price. We now have 58 homes closed this year.

So even if Skaneateles is doing its Seattle imitation today, you really should think about buying and selling once again. I know my clients are determined to be settled by winter - so please put your homes out there for us to see!