Monday, June 6, 2011

Pieces of the Peddicords... Finally Married!! :)

This weekend Chris and I had the priviledge of attending a beautiful wedding for my friends/clients Dana & Michael :) Also known as, follow me here, Frankie's girlfriend, Bean's... mom and dad! Ha!
Ignore my weirdo face, but this is the only picture I could find of the two love birds :)

The wedding was just so beautiful... here are lots of fun pics from the night!
So dang cute... a "Blessing Tree" for the Bride & Groom. Loved it!

Loved this cake... you know how I am with cakes ha and this one was BEAUTIFUL. period.

Love the floral arrangements.... absolutely perfect!

Cute Wedding Party doing their entrance dance :) Loved the green dresses!
Me and my Handsome Fella ;) Picked out that tie all on his own, bless his heart! So cute!
First Dance :) How amazing is the back of that dress? Wow!

GENIUS idea... a basket full of flip flops for us ladies who wore shoes for looks and not comfort ha!
My friends and wonderful clients who just became 1st Time Home Owners :) Andrew & Ashley!
(AMAZING testimonial to come soon from them...sweetest thing I have ever read, seriously!)
The two Dana's :) What a beautiful bride! Love her! :)

Love the all girls pic :)

Sweet little PinkLouLou

Nathan Tyler.... friends since 5th grade... makes me feel old ha :)
So Cute! Leah and the life of the party, AKA, Jed :)
Why do I only see you two at weddings? This is a SERIOUS problem lol :) 
Pretty Little Ladies :)
Miss Ellen & her BF, "soon to be a new homeowner", Kevin! lol Boy can cut a rug on the dance floor :)

And of course a couple funnies...
Out of control these groomsmen dancers were I tell ya! ;)

Possibly my fave pic of the night... double fisted Shades of Gray... haha love it Caroline! <3 XO

What a night! So fun! Congrats to the Bride and Groom!
Happy Honeymooning in Mexico :)

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