Monday, June 6, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Bi-Monthly Update (sort of) - Part Two

2220 Glencove Road
 I was speaking with the owner today of this wonderful home and we were looking at pricing in Onondaga County.  I told her that over the past few months I've kept an eye on the Post-Standard's Sunday Home page and the property's that have closed.  Each week I am amazed that the prices aren't higher.  The paper publishes the 5 highest-priced houses that sold the past week - generally the fifth house is somewhere around the $300,000 level.  I checked it out on the ML for verification - only 28 homes have sold in the past 12 months in Onondaga County over $500,000.  So we "monitored and adjusted" the price of this Otisco Lake waterfront year-round home to $449,000.  Come and get it!

But what's been happening in Skaneateles?  I've been so busy that the poor second half of this blog got pushed back and back.  (Yes, busy with listings and offers!)  I will catch us up to the minute - this minute, before I go take another listing (so cute - and under $100,000!) 

New contingent, continue to show properties are homes in the village, the town and waterfront.  The village home that sold is listed above $500,000 - so there's another one to add to the list when it closes.  A second one is above a million, and is also waterfront.  Another waterfront a bit farther down the lake has also sold presumably for over 500K also.  Two homes in the town, both around $200,000, and a third another 100K up are marked newly contingent.  That brings to 10 - a lot!

One new one went directly to under contract, do not show - listed around $200,000 also.  The pended property that's new is in the same ballpark.  Together the "U" and "P" categories equal another 10, just waiting to close.

We now have 18 closed properties for the year as reported through today, June 6th.  Two are new, one that's been listed for well over 6 months and the other for only a few months, and waterfront at that.  Both closed within 15% of their initial list price.  Only two more to go and I will publish the list of houses with their closed prices.

But until then - go play!  A lovely June is a gift - before the summer, while the flowers still bloom, and before all the craziness of vacations and graduations and parties take hold.  Just relax, mow and play!