Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Bi-Monthly Update (sort of)

This will take two blogs!  The number of new listings is very high.  I am sure people waited until it felt like spring and got summer instead.

The first group belongs to the village.  Of the current 43 properties listed in the Skaneateles Village area of the multiple listing service, two new ones came on.  One is a smaller village home with a great yard for $269,000.  The other is my listing of 5 Palmer Place, an adorable home tucked away behind Leitch and Academy.  The price is $366,000.

Five new waterfronts came on the market over the past 18 days.  There is one small one at the far end of the lake for under 200K.  Moving up the lake towards the village, but still fairly far down is a camp for $445,000.  Getting closer yet are two cottages right on the water for about $700,000.  Almost to the village - well, about 3 miles out - is another camp (a true camp, as the agent admits) for almost $800,000.  The final home is a multimilllion dollar (as in 3M) luxury home.

That leaves ten more town, not waterfront, places.  Two small ones just north of the village are in the low $100,000 range.  Four other homes that suggest affordable family living are priced in the $250,000 to $350,000 range, in varying stages of work that needs to be done.  Two others are re-lists, with prices staying relatively the same.  Another at $425,000 has pretty much only a view to recommend it - but what a view!  Still another is a classic brick, in the mid $500,000.  The last is a luxury home on 12 acres - sorry, no waterfront - for over 2M.

Next week - I will check the listings sooner!  Stay tuned for another blog with the contingent, pending, and sold listings!