Thursday, May 26, 2011

Doug's on a Thursday Evening

I went out to the lake today to mow.  It's a new project this year to force me into some much-needed exercise and also to visit the lake.  I can get overwhelmed, and not make it out there, but this year I am determined not to miss summer.  So I mow with my electric mower, (I call it vacuuming the lawn) and get very hot and very sweaty....and stay current with the phone and e-mails thanks to my new iPhone.

On the way back through the village I stopped at Doug's for salmon, 2 cole slaws and a fish sandwich for Bob.  I happened to get Mark Edwards, the owner, to write my order.  He took a moment to tell me how much he enjoyed this blog.  I felt so guilty, because, like the lake, there are times when I don't write for days at a time.  But hearing his praise - even though he didn't buy his beautiful new house with me - sent me to the computer.  (Salmon takes a while - and they know that I will be back to get it.)

I forget sometimes that real estate is about people, too.  I forget that what I do, how I express the world around me, matters.  Thank you, Mark, for reminding me.