Sunday, May 1, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Bi-Monthly Update

I spent today in a tale of two rental homes.  The first one hadn't been cleaned out when the new tenants arrived, so the owners and I worked to make it presentable.  And worked and worked.  The new tenants continued with us, bringing in furniture while the floors were being scrubbed with Murphy's oil soap.  After three hours I went to check on the next home that had been vacated yesterday - and actually was.  It was the proverbial "neat as a pin."  I found a few cobwebs in out of the way places, but that was about all.  I kept thinking that the owners of the first place would have cried.  Just another Sunday in the life of this Realtor!

On to the update.  There are currently 124 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service.  Of these, 43 are in the village.  Seven "new" ones came on this past week.  I say quote-unquote because five of them were in the same subdivision on the edge of the village, and range in price from a low of the mid-$300,000 to over $415,000 for a new to-be-built home.  The other two listings are new - one in an older community for $400,000 and another on the water for well under one million.

In the town there were eight new ones, of which half were re-lists with slightly lower prices.  I take that back - one went up in price, a house in the country with acreage.  The others are waterfront, anywhere from under 300K to almost a million.  New homes listed include a waterfront (seven feet) with acreage for the low $300,000, a fairly newly built home not far from the village in the mid-$400,000 and an old farm for $400,000.  But the greatest of them all is an incredible waterfront home built recently that reminds me of a castle - now on the market for the cool price of slightly over 4 million. 

There are eight properties marked contingent, two of which are new.  A waterfront property listed just under a million and recently listed is now a "C" - continue to show but under contract.  My crazy Sugar Maple Lane (the photo above) - a shell of a house - garnered multiple offers at its list price of $99,500.  Backup offers are still being taken!

There are no new "under contract, do not show" homes or pending homes.

We now have 13 single family homes closed so far this year.  The most recent was a sweet little house that had great potential and sold in the low $100,000.  Last year at this time only 12 homes had closed, the year before an amazing 23 (and then it stopped).  The 2008 year began with only 15 closings by the end of April.

Spring has yet to fully envelop us - the streets aren't packed like they usually are on a Sunday.  The rain in April was an all-time record - one I'd like not to repeat for a while please!  But April showers bring may flowers....and sales!