Friday, May 13, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Bi-Monthly Update (sort of)

There is so much going on and I love every minute of it!  I heard from an old e-mail friend (never have laid eyes on him) about my listing down Firelane 21B, now that summer is almost here.  I told him I was "crazy busy" and he said that's a good thing.  I do agree!

One of the crazy things this week was Tuesday, the day of the brokers' opens.  In Skaneateles alone, there were 11 houses, and a friend said he counted 12 actually.  I ran through 6 of them before going off to my dentist appointment with Dr. Swartwood (teeth are fine, for once!).  I kept thinking back to the winter, and how there were weeks without a single home open.  I heard from some people that other agents brought buyers with them.  The world is changing - things are moving.

There are currently 134 active listings in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service.   Of these, 44 are in the village and 40 are published as waterfront.  Now here's a spoiler alert!  After I finish writing about the new listings, I will tell you what the median (as in middle) prices of these four categories are:  village, waterfront, neither WF or village, overall.  Try to guess the prices - it's an interesting exercise.

Three new properties came on in the village.  A cute little house sort of tucked away is on the market in the mid-$200,000 range.  Another massive place has the unheard-of price in the lower $300,000.  This is possibly an early sign of a trend - sell it now, do not "try it higher."  The agent hopes for multiple offers at this price.  We will see.  The last is a re-list that had tried it higher, unfortunately, and is now around 300K.

Of the 8 listings in the town, three are re-lists at about the same price.  Two are waterfront - above half a million and the other above a million.  A gorgeous estate not too far down the lake is now under that half million mark.  Two beautiful watefront properties appeared - both going towards the two million dollar mark.  A newer home whose similar neighbor had sold several years ago is now listed about the same price, $300,000.  I tried to see a house just outside the village that has always intrigued me on Tuesday, but the sign was down and the doors were locked - price towards $600,000.  Too many open houses out there - and the agents holding them open were also trying to run around!

Back to my stats that I love so much - guesses in?  The median price for waterfront is $990,000.  Wow!  That means that about 20 are listed above this - and yes, 20 below.  Village homes have a median price of $365,000, which I think is an interesting number, personally.  If you remove village and waterfront from the criteria, then the price drops to $310,000 (town, not on the water.)  Overall - of all those 134 active listings - the median price in Skaneateles is: $413,000 - again, a personally interesting number.

So let's consider this as Part One of the update.  I have to go sell a house!