Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skaneateles Real Estate - November 30th through December 12th

Lovely evening, late afternoon.  I am in the office enjoying the company of our new "person at the front desk," Danielle.  She is busy putting together a project Chris Evans gave her.  Neither Chris nor I can handle the copier, but everyone else in Danielle's position can make it hum.  If you're in the Village, stop in and say hello to her.

Currently there are only - and I do mean ONLY - 85 homes for sale in the Skaneateles area of the multiple listing service.  Of these, 24 are in the Village and 23 are waterfront.  But that's an amazing number.  Just a couple years ago we flirted with the 150 active listings figure.  And that's when we were closing around 75, so we had a two year inventory.

In the "under contract" categories there are 22 single family homes.  This is down, because houses are closing, trying to get people in before the holidays and the New Year.  Which the attorneys have been able to accomplish!

We now have - drum roll please - 119 sold and closed properties in the Skaneateles area.  Prices have come down a bit and people are anxious to let houses go after a couple years. Of the eight new ones that have closed, two are waterfront, three are Village, and the remainder are in the town.

The year will end with a bang, I am sure!  All this is good news to everyone who depends on the housing market - mortgage people, contractors, attorneys, and yes, Realtors.

Taking care of business:  Lately I've been receiving a ton of spam from people who pretend to compliment the blog but only want to have their websites published.  For a while I may simply have to stop allowing comments - so find me on my e-mail or through the office, please.