Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

This past week I was asked about the different areas on the west side where we were viewing homes. "Which are in most need of offers at this time?" In other words, where are the bargains going to be found?

Just the facts.

Skaneateles has currently 149 active single family listings. According to the MLS, 18 have closed this year, 5 of which are in the village. In the past 90 days none in the village have closed and only 7 outside the village. There are 3 properties that were marked contingent in the past 30 days.

Camillus has 161 properties listed as active. According to the MLS, 98 have closed this year. In the past 90 days 59 of these have closed. There are 26 properties that have gone to "K" status in the past 30 days.

Marcellus has 66 active single family homes for sale. There have been 21 closings this year so far and 12 within the past 90 days. In the last month another 5 have gone to "K" status.

Now, Skaneateles is the higher priced market and Camillus and Marcellus average about $350,000 less per property. Admittedly the pool of buyers is much greater for the latter two communities. But still, I think, as one Realtor told me yesterday, people are "holding back on pulling the trigger" from buying.

Now is the time! The rates are low - still low - and while the price of gas continues to rise ($4.11 last I saw at the Hess at Bennett's Corner) Skaneateles has the unique ability to provide all services within one park of the car. Grocery, pharmacies, banks, bookstore, coffee shops, attorneys, fast food and gourmet dining - just park and walk. And of course, real estate companies - we're right next to Doug's on Jordan Street. Stop in and write an offer!