Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a Few Things.....

Last Friday Syracuse University got a new football coach. He is Doug Marrone who played for SU in the 80s. Not that I remember him, but he was part of a good group of strong SU supporters, Tim Green and Scott Congel to name two. He played under Coach Mac.

I am still skeptical. Alex is willing to bet me $100 of his hard-earned money that SU will have a winning record in two years. I want it in one year, and apparently so does Coach Marrone.

I like what he says. He wants to take the players who are there and build his offense around their strengths. Coach Robinson believed differently - take HIS offense and make the players use it. It didn't work.

Now this may seem far-fetched, but I can relate this to the real estate market. Hang in there! If you use Marrone's philosophy, you analyze the situation (the players) and work with them. The economy is the situation in real estate and home-selling must accomodate the market. G-Rob said "This should work!" as in the west coast offense, and when it didn't he was lost. He didn't know how to monitor and adjust. As in the market - sellers must adjust, the market isn't going to.

Enough! Welcome to Coach Marrone (offensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints until today)! He said that coaching SU was his dream job, something he worked for his entire life since he was a kid in the Bronx. How wonderful that he has achieved his dream!

Other stuff: Floyd Little, running back extraordinaire for SU in the 60s and Kansas City in the pros is going to the inauguration. He hopes to present Barack Obama an SU jersey with number 44 on it, commemorating the brilliance of 44 in SU history and Obama's own presidency (number 44, as it were!)

When sports and real estate and politics collide! I love it!