Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Predictions and Resolutions

In no particular order, I want to memorialize these thoughts so I can go back and check them next year. And I probably will. Knowing that readers are out there, too, may keep me on the straight and narrow. Whatever it takes!

I resolve to sell every home I list in 2009. I know selling is a combination of sellers, buyers and agents as well as marketing and the economy, but what the heck! No goal, no drama.

I resolve to establish financial goals that are not all monetary. I will run my business as my business; my personal finances will be separate. I've already gone to M&T and spent a wonderful few minutes with their manager, Mary Adsit, who got me rolling. I've done all right so far with my bookkeeping, but this is another level of expertise I want to add to my list of accomplishments. (Besides, it will be easier at tax time!)

I predict that Alex and Rachel will be married under sunlit skies on the lawn of the Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles on July 18th.

I resolve to fit into some little dress with high-heeled sandals for their wedding.

I predict I will cry at the wedding.

I predict that the Syracuse University basketball team will get to the Final Four.

I predict that the Syacuse University football team will have a winning season. (Did I write that?)

I predict that two real estate agencies will merge into the largest in Central New York (Oh, wait! That already happened! Prudential was bought out by Hunt...)

I resolve to write my blog three times a week.

I predict that between 80 and 85 single family homes will close in the Skaneateles area in the coming year.

I predict that the percentage of waterfront homes sold will be in the 25% range.

I predict that the real estate market in Central New York will remain one of the best in the country, buoyed by mortgage rates under 5%.

I predict that I will participate in a transaction this year with a fixed mortgage rate of 4%.

I predict that the TV show Lost will not end in 2009.

I predict that there will not be over 150 single family homes listed in the Skaneateles area at one time.

I resolve to spend more time cross country-skiing, biking, sailing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, skating and water-skiing than I did this year.

I predict that I will meet many more new people - buyers and sellers - in the coming year and I will credit them with my supreme enjoyment of real estate.