Friday, January 2, 2009

How to Sell a House - Introduction

That title sounds pretentious, doesn't it? I have to admit that I don't have the magic wand that makes all houses sell, but I have worked well and successfully in the business for a number of years and I know what seems to work most of the time. Some of it I've already laid out, but starting in the new year - Happy New Year, by the way! - I plan to be more organized. Part of that is a series on selling and buying homes. I'll still write the Skaneateles Real Estate Weekly Update, usually on Tuesday, and an occasional House of the Week, but I resolved to write more blogs. This is one way to accomplish that goal. Not to mention, I hope, helping prospective sellers and buyers.

One word of caution: these are my opinions, and often they will go against the grain of the norm. They are not RE/MAX's words of wisdom or the Skaneateles Office's way of doing business, they are solely mine. They are also no guarantee of sales - not at all! The opinions are honed from my experience and the way I like to do business. Period.

I came to real estate as a second career after education. I would have preferred to be a writer with a ton of popular books like Stephen King or John Grisham or Dick Francis with an occasional Great American Novel thrown in. This was not to be - Life took me elsewhere. But in going elsewhere I gained perspective and some skills.

I also gained the desire to work in this marvelous entrepreneurial career. I came at it hungry - for money, for reputation, for independence. I switched from Gallinger to RE/MAX three years ago today to give me more of those things I wanted. I also received the joy of meeting people, something I hadn't expected.

As we enter the new year I have several new listings coming on the market, which is why I chose to start with selling a house rather than buying. It's also a good time for potential sellers to work on their homes, make critical decisions, see their way through the year. When you sell a house you want to do it quickly so your entire year isn't given over to the sale and the upheaval. Now is a good time to start the process.

Please follow along with me wherever this goes. I've planned out some, but not all. This was meant to be Part One and it evolved into the Introduction instead. Feel free to comment on what you like, what you don't like, and share your own ideas.