Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Weekly Update

I thought as I started researching this afternoon that interesting information for this update would be minimal. However, I should have consulted my own busy past couple of days - two listing appointments, one commitment letter (hooray!), a rental, and a sale. Great start to the new year!

There are currently only (I love "only!") 107 listings in the Skaneateles area. Many probably expired at the end of the year - a logical endpoint - and haven't yet returned to the market. The one new property that came on is a magnificent waterfront home priced under 2 million.

Just because it's winter, don't think that waterfront doesn't sell! There are three new properties marked contingent, all with some form of lake access. They range from the list price of $300,000 to under 2 million. Some have been on years, the middle-priced one only months. But again, it looks as if waterfront will have another great year.

There was a late addition to the closed properties for 2008. Again, the news is all about pricing.
It sold for 65% of its original list price, many months after it first came on the market.

A few facts to start the new year update off on a positive note: The median price of a home in Skaneateles in the active market is $450,000. There are 34 waterfront listings contained in the total of 107. The median waterfront price is 1.3M. The non-waterfront median is $335,000.

I'll check these facts as the year goes by, but I do believe this will be a better year for Skaneateles.