Friday, January 16, 2009

Style and Staging

This isn't really part of the "How to Sell a House" series, but it fits in well. I have to write it tonight because of its timeliness, but remember it when we get to that section of the series.

I listed a home this week that is about as close to being staged and decorated as you can get. It's not really staged because the people live there and enjoy the comforts of the home while they readied it for sale.

The difference between this home and a newer home is that the owners took an early 60s split level and transformed the interior, but left the primary structure of the house. To see it from the outside you wouldn't imagine the interior being as warm and inviting as it is. And colorful!

I don't want to describe it and set up either false expectations or diminish the emotional impression it will make on you. Just come and see it on Sunday, 12:00 to 2:00 (the Eagles play at 3:00 - go Donovan!) during the open house.

The basics: 4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, hardwoods, fireplace, new stainless steel appliances (the refrigerator arrived on Wednesday and the old one will stay for beverages in the garage), 20x40 inground pool, decking and a balcony off the master, about an acre of land, 3 car garage and a short walk to the village. The address is 3862 Highland Ave., off Jewett or New Seneca (Onondaga). The price is $299,000. Pictures can be seen on-line at or - I love the color explosion!

As I was getting ready to sign in to write this blog spotlighted an article about a study completed at Ohio State. The premise was that touching an object made it more appealing. People bid higher for mugs if they got to hold them. They extrapolated from this that the same phenomenon applies to car-buying ("Hey! Take it out for a test drive...just around the block!") The same can be said for real estate, I'd imagine. From the simple open house to sleep-overs in the house up for sale, people are more likely to purchase the more time they spend in the home.

So come on Sunday - no pressure here! - and hang around a bit. Notice the fresh flowers, the table set for dinner, the warmth (we need it!) of the fire, the sheer comfort of the living room. And please - tell me you read this blog! It will make my day! (Actually, buying the house will make my day even more.....)