Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On the Spot Blogging

Today - Tuesday - I'm up in Watertown at the Jefferson-Lewis Board of realtors taking a class in "Green" Real Estate. It's a two day course that will lead to a designation - one of those things that shows you I am an expert. I won't be, but I'll be ahead of the curve, as they say.

So while I wait for class to begin again, I'll write a bit. From the morning I remember our discussion about what we do differently - green - in our homes. Not surprisingly, several women were from Ithaca. One of them composts dog poop for use on her flowers - can't wait to tell Bob and Boo! Another gave her husband a worm farm for Christmas, and now they compost instead of throw out leftover veggies, etc.

Another high point was Velux solar tubes. Get sunshine into your home! Only $700 installed.

Food for thought from the instructor: "List them high, watch them die. List them low, watch them go."

Check tax bills when buying a home. Sometimes they include past water bills - which the buyer should not have to pay for!

Xeriscaping: using plants suitable to the climate that absorb excess water or need little watering.