Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brokers' Opens

10:28 AM On Tuesdays in Skaneateles and the western suburbs new listings are opened by their agents so other agents can come and preview them. This has been an ongoing tradition since long before I started in real estate. It helps to see homes - I guess this is a given.

50 West Genesee

In the old days when houses came on and houses sold within a month, it was vastly important to get the news out to potential buyers about what just came on the market. While the urgency isn't there, homes are still selling. Until today there have been few Tuesdays when a full slate of homes have been open. Last week we had three - my lovely 50 West Genesee Street and two others. Our times are usually 12:00 to 2:00, so doing an open makes it difficult to get to others. I ended up previewing one of the homes at another time. Today, due in part to the weather, I decided that I was not going to submit two of my homes waiting for brokers' opens, and see others instead.

I PLAN (and plans change rapidly) to get down the lake to Spafford, back to the Village for one off East Lake, and then out to Fisher Road. There are actually 13 homes, from Cazenovia to Skaneateles, being held open. I chose not to see the other property in the area because I have shown it several times; it is now being listed by its third Realtor.
1:00 PM I returned home having gone to all three. The first was an absolutely lovely home that I had seen years ago when it was sold. It only got lovelier in the years during which the present owners had it. The den was gone and in its place was a bedroom, making it seem like a true four-bedroom home finally. The dining room was immense, the decorating perfect throughout. Truly a pleasure to view - almost $500,000. 
The second was a great little village home with such potential!  It even had a swimming pool that could be resurrected.
I saw the third house and had a good time talking to the other agents I ran across there. I've missed the socializing aspect of real estate, I discovered. I'm glad spring is here.