Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Skaneateles Waterfront Lots

Over the past 10 years I have watched lots come and go off the market.  I have personally sold the same lot a couple times.  I also participated in one of the last level waterfront lots to have been sold through the multiple listing service.  I can tell you that selling waterfront lots is difficult.

Currently there are 11 active lots listed as being on Skaneateles Lake.  They range in price from $69,000 for .4 acres to 1.5M for slightly over an acre.  One is on the market as a single family home and a lot, which I think is prudent.  I have my gorgeous 50 acres listed the same way, plus a separate waterfront lot for $250,000 (a bargain, I might add!).  Many of the lots come with names like "Bluff" or "Cliff" - but such is the lake.  The lowest priced one reminds you it is dangerous to go over the guardrail...

In the past two years three properties have closed described as Skaneateles waterfront lake lots.  Two were on the east side and again seem to involve a guardrail, though not for danger.  The third was actually lake rights, but in the Village and a prime location.

I have a good friend who refers to his camp as "The Lot."  The house would need more work than it is or would be worth, and he knows that once he gives it up the result would be a buildable empty lot within a year.  It is sad to see homes go, camps that were prized by families who spent summers there.  That way of life may be fading on Skaneateles, at least with the smaller, older places.