Saturday, April 16, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Bi-Monthly Update

Well!  All I can say is that it has been a very busy last two weeks, and the statistics bear this out.  Would you believe - 21 new listings?  7 of them in the Village?  Others have dropped out, been reconfigured and re-listed, so the current total is still only 110 with 37 of them in the Village.  Amazing!

I broke down the "new" listings into re-lists, Village, and Town in order to handle them.  In the Village, new ones are a gorgeous ranch listed in the mid-$300,000 that I had sold a few years ago.  The owners put in hardwoods and generally updated everything.  Another little house in need of some work is priced affordably in the mid-$100,000.  To round it out, the third is in the $200,000 and is within an easy walk to the Village center.  The other four are re-lists.

In the Town, there are therefore 14 more!  Of these, only 5 are re-lists, so here goes!  Out in the country there's a lovely home for $400,000 that was built only a few years ago on several acres.  It is joined by a very old farmhouse in good condition priced under $300,000.  Four waterfront properties came on - 'tis the season - all around a million, more or less, with one being half a million with, of course, less actual waterfront.  Oh yes - and a fixer-upper for the mid $200,000...also being sold as a lot, if that gives you any indication.

Four properties have been marked contingent - two smaller homes and a ranch that had been done and re-done.  The pretty home on 321 that was a model for Ryan Homes when they were building in Butters Farm now sports a SOLD sign on it.  Nothing new in the "Under Contract" or "Pending" categories though.

Sold and closed - hooray - are two homes that came down in price each about 30% because of their need for work.  One had lake rights, and the other closed under $100,000.  That brings to 12 the homes that have closed this year in the Skaneateles area. 

I still believe - despite these statistics - that it will be a good year and the next couple months (if the last few days are indicative of anything) will be amazing.  If I see numbers spiking again I may switch back to a weekly update.  Certainly that will be more manageable than opening up the MLXchange on a Friday evening and realizing we had been slowly inundated with new listings.