Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skaneateles Real Estate - The Bi-Monthly Update (sort of)

Welcome to the Third of July - the day that is second only to Christmas Eve in my family.  This is the day when flares are lit around the lakes and the celebration for the Fourth of July begins.  Salt potatoes are the starch du jour, Bob's watermelon-shrimp-avocado dish takes center stage, and the world is magical for one glorious summer evening.

So if you are thinking of moving to Skaneateles, or moving around within the Skaneateles area - please consider these new listings.  In the village you could move to a lovely stucco home now on the market in the mid-$300,000 range or go smaller up the street for a granited kitchen in the mid-$200,000. 

4519 Jordan Road
If you want to put in some work, you could buy the little one we just listed (see photo) for $39,900 in the Falls - it is gutted and ready for you.  Or the unfinished 4,000sf home now listed in the mid-$200,000 just outside on the east.  Remodeled and done on five acres - there's a new one for just over $300,000.  If you want gorgeous on more than five acres, look to one listed at just over $500,000.  Only one waterfront came on these past two weeks - but the location is superb and the price under a million.  For relatively new construction, go beyond Skaneateles' borders but within the school district to one priced to sell under $400,000.  Or go down the lake for about $200,000 and I think a view.  And a small one right in the village was re-listed, and that was also remodeled but priced in the mid $100,000 range.

Ten new ones, that should make, with three in the village.  All the listings together in the area equal 145 - so you have 145 opportunities to live in Skaneateles which on this Fourth of July weekend is jumping.