Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Update - A Lot Late

But we will play catch-up.

I must say that really only the blog has suffered due to Liam's birth.  I never thought I would be so consumed but I am.  I still managed to find time to sell, buy and close properties with my clients in the last few weeks - just not the time to write about them.

So - since I did the research and then got interrupted by The Call to go to Manhattan "now!" I will start with what I pulled together.  This is the second half of the update - what sold and closed between (gulp!) June 16th and July 13th in Skaneateles.

Two new properties were marked contingent, both larger village homes bringing the number of contingent properties to 7 in all.  "Under contract but do not show any more" is a tiny waterfront - can't wait to know what it did actually sell for!  There are 12 pending - a larger waterfront is new to this list.

What has closed is the most interesting part of this update.  As of July 13th, there were 29 closed single family homes in the Skaneateles area.  Eight - wow! - were new.  Four were listed and sold under $200,000.  A fifth home was a mid-range waterfront property that dropped its price to accommodate a sale - something that has been happening a bit these days.  Two other newer homes just outside the village both sold in the mid-$400,000.  And then there's The Big One, closing for 3 million dollars, right on the water with acreage in the village.  Congratulations to the new owners! 

So slowly we will get back to a new normal.  Slowly.  Patience, I am told, is a virtue.